1Stream Launches New Customer Experience Management Platform 1CRM

Cloud technology specialists, 1Stream, has launched a new customer relationship management platform, 1CRM. This innovative new offering is designed to manage customer experiences and drive sales from one centralised, omni-channel platform.

1Stream’s co-founder and joint CEO, Jed Hewson, says a growing number of successful businesses are realising the value of delivering an excellent customer experience. “Happy customers buy more. They are more loyal and likely to recommend your company to friends,” says Hewson. “The key is to get your customer experience right.”

Consumer research also confirms that it is substantially cheaper to keep and service an existing customer than to replace them. This makes a compelling business case to prioritise your customer experience management as a core business requirement. 1Stream’s new customer experience management platform, 1CRM, enables forward-thinking businesses to do this by offering 5 key areas to help manage customer experiences.

1.) CRM offers a holistic CEM strategy

Often a Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution is implemented in the contact centre or for managing customer interactions for online retailing, but it is usually limited to a particular company function. To reap the benefits of CEM, the strategy needs to be embraced by the whole company. Your business might have a fantastic service desk but if your sales team fails to impress a customer, the overall customer perception is negative.

The 1CRM platform creates an integrated environment with a centralised application that connects to your entire business so all employees who interact with your customers have access to the same, updated information.

2.) Know your customer with 1CRM

The strategy to provide a great experience to your customers starts with knowing who they are. Customers are impressed when staff know who is calling and, more importantly, know their history with the company. Callers get a real sense of relief when the staff member at the other end of the phone can see all previous interactions with the caller whether these are emails, WhatsApp or phone calls. Being able to share a case number or tracking number adds to the customer’s positive experience.

Often customer data is kept in an ERP system or CRM, ticketing or sales management solution, but this information can be outdated and unavailable to some staff within your organisation.

1CRM keeps data or links to all customer information in a single place so that all of your employees can service your customer appropriately. This means your staff can add a personal touch to their interactions with customers, creating moments to “wow” them and identify opportunities to cross sell.

3.) 1CRM can engage with customers on their preferred communication channel

Customers are looking for ease and convenience when interacting with businesses. 1CRM links to your phone calls, email, chat, WhatsApp, SMS and social media and records every inbound or outbound interaction so you can communicate with your customers on their preferred channel. It also sets SLA for tickets, tasks and proposals that need to be completed so you can service customers appropriately.

4.) 1CRM resolves issues quickly and effectively

All businesses have to deal with customer complaints, but it’s how you deal with these that sets you apart. 1CRM provides workflow routing so that multiple employees from different divisions can be pulled into resolving a customer issue without needing to meet or speak to each other. More importantly, it provides dashboards for management to track workloads, check for tasks that fall out of SLA, and look for congestion points that need to be resolved.

5.) 1CRM is a cost-effective platform that increases productivity

At a time when margins are being squeezed and businesses are looking for smart solutions to deliver more value to their customers, 1CRM provides the solution to streamline operations. The platform provides analysis and reporting tools to expose problems in the business, such as short picking for online retailers or delayed response for sales proposals. Once the low-hanging fruit has been resolved you can start to consider more advanced applications. 1CRM offers an array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis options which enable choice of contact and ease of use for your customers. These features also drive productivity and reduce cost of service in your business.

“1Stream’s mission is to help our clients manage their customer experiences to delight their customers and drive growth,” says joint CEO Bruce von Maltitz. “Managing and tracking your customer’s interactions and issues is the basis for a Customer Experience strategy. Once you manage and monitor your customer’s interactions and track their issues the magic can start to happen.”

1CRM offers an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution for your business to deliver an excellent customer experience and boost your company’s growth potential. As CX specialists, the 1Stream team ensures that the platform meets your business’s specific needs, with ongoing service support. If you would like to find out how 1CRM can help your organisation manage and deliver an exceptional customer experience, get in touch.

About 1Stream

Since its establishment in 2008 by Jed Hewson and Bruce von Maltitz, 1Stream has been committed to enabling companies to deliver excellent customer experience using leading-edge technology.

Quality and excellence are the core drivers behind 1Stream – from their choice of global partners to their clients and the 1Stream team itself. 1Stream is more than a simple service provider – it prides itself on being a quality provider of professional services that meet the highest global standards.

Over the past 14 years, 1Stream has earned a string of international awards for their commitment to delivering customer experience excellence and count a wide-ranging number of industry innovators and leaders amongst our client base – businesses, big and small, who are similarly committed to ensuring the very best customer experience through quality engagement.

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