ALNET Technologies Cloud Hosted Servers – Keeping Business Wheels Turning during Lock Down

ALNET Technologies (Pty) Ltd has revealed a significant uptake of its cloud servers from the SME sector.  The affordable, accessible and easy to maintain solution, has been devised to save SME businesses time whilst concurrently reducing staff requirements and hardware costs. 

ALNET Technologies is a Sage Platinum Business Partner and a provider of the complete suite of Sage Evolution ERP, CRM, Payroll and Cloud Solutions. 

Netesh Maharajh, Director, ALNET Technologies, says its cloud hosted server solution was developed to assist SME’s to avoid capital expenditure outlays.  “The deployment of new server infrastructure is costly so our cloud hosted servers off an affordable alternative that leaves SMEs free to focus on doing what they do best which is to meet their business vision and objectives even more efficiently,” he says.

Maharajh goes on to confirm that ALNET’S cloud hosted servers offer its client access to their financial systems allowing them to work remotely and get their daily job done without interruptions.

“The added beauty of using our cloud hosted offerings is that it removes the hassle of outdated ‘on- premise’ servers;  continuous hardware investments, as well as the costly need for the employment of multiple skilled IT personnel to constantly monitor and manage.  It also encapsulates:

  • Scalable Infrastructure – Our Cloud Servers are capable of growing as client businesses grow, if more performance is needed – we adjust with ease and allocate additional resources as required including hard drive space, RAM, processing power and additional traffic usage.
  • Latest Technology – Multiple physical servers are used to spin up Hyper-V instances at the data centre, optimizing speed, efficiency, and up-time.
  • Server Configuration – We handle the setup and user configuration of the Hyper-V server, so it is ready to go the moment our client has access to it.
  • Secure & Safe – Our Cloud Servers come bundled with Cleeks online backup and a cyber security solution to ensure that data is kept safe with the completion of daily backups which are available with a 90 day retention policy, at all times.
  • Local Support – ALNET Technologies has an experienced local support team that is available on e-mail or telephone during office hours.

“In the new order of work from home WFH, we have received many requests from clients wanting to migrate the physical servers to our cloud hosted servers. Prior to this time there was market resistance to doing this but since the pandemic has hit moving to the cloud became the only option for companies wishing to continue operations.  It is pleasing to note that all clients who made the move have reported 100% in both transitioning to cloud and thereafter running normal operations. Our cloud server offering is significantly contributing to the sustainability of many organisations.”

Maharajh says going forward he believes this period will be a game changer in how business is conducted going forward. “Lockdown has definitely presented an opportunity to businesses to review their working models and post lockdown will see many companies revamping to suit a WFH strategy, if not fully but definitely, partially.  The current situation has put a lot of strain on businesses and we foresee all sectors, where possible, moving at least their administrative operations to cloud hosted servers which will centralise financial or operational systems.  It is the only way to go in the current climate which is being predicted to continue into 2021 and possibly beyond.”