Atos Accelerates Application Lifecycle for the Hybrid Cloud

Through its technology brand Bull, Atos launches alien4cloud – a software suite to accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. Alien4cloud fully automates the application lifecycle, from development to deployment and production both on premise and for all types of cloud. Alien4cloud allows customers to leverage the best infrastructure during all steps of the application lifecycle on an on-demand basis by abstracting the application from the infrastructure. Alien4cloud allows IT operations to be responsive to any business application team requirement with more IT agility and effectiveness.

With the transition to digital, companies need to continuously modernize their IT, develop innovation and rapidly shift to cloud-based models. Complete agility in any phase of the application lifecycle is paramount – from development to deployment and production in a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud environments. According to analysts 2 out of 3 enterprises will have over 50% applications in the cloud within three years.

Deployment in a few minutes instead of a few days

Alien4cloud, developed by Bull, is a unique, open and user-friendly software suite. Using DevOps practices, it provides development teams with a self-service portal to improve collaboration, to shorten the entire application lifecycle, and to optimize the ROI.

“Our ambition is to deploy a DevOps platform allowing the design and management of the entire application stack from end-to-end while enabling the full automation of the complete application lifecycle. In addition, we wanted full openness that can only be guaranteed by a TOSCA-compliant platform. We have decided to leverage alien4cloud which encompasses these two imperatives. We have chosen a partner with the expertise and resources to help us accelerate the time to market of our new applications and to increase our competitiveness”, states Vincent Hornain, Head of Cloud/Automation Program for Retail Banking at Société Générale.

Alien4cloud offers key advantages:

  • Deployment in a few minutes instead of a few days without the need for expert support
  • DevOps offers easy collaboration between development and deployment teams throughout the application lifecycle
  • Flexibility to shift anytime to the best deployment location – public, private or hybrid without additional investment
  • Migration from existing applications or the deployment of new application are handled in a non-disruptive way
  • Leverages TOSCA – Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications.
  • Enterprise market place enablement through a continuous application provisioning

“This announcement is another step towards our ambition of supporting clients in their digital transformation. Alien4cloud helps IT departments to rationalize their IT assets and fosters competitiveness with a shorter application lifecycle in line with the evolving business needs. With alien4cloud, self-service business lines will no longer need to use uncontrolled Shadow IT”, states Jérôme Sandrini, Vice President, Head of Big Data Software & Services at Atos.