Brendan van Staaden Appointed Managing Executive of MoData Interactive

Interaction automation and customer experience expert Brendan van Staaden has been appointed head of MoData Interactive, adding his wealth of experience in the industry to the digital and finance solution specialists’ dynamic team.

Brendan is passionate about helping businesses advance on their digital transformation journeys by delivering excellent customer service through the utilisation of innovative digital technologies.

Before joining MoData, Brendan held a key role at international telecommunications giant Philips Telecommunication and Data Systems and helped build numerous successful companies, including Digital Select Communications and Inter-Active Technologies, which he grew to become South Africa’s second largest domestic outsourced customer contact centre.

“We are very pleased to welcome Brendan to the MoData team,” says MoData CEO Darren Turnbull. “In his role as Managing Executive of MoData Interactive, Brendan will be utilising his vast experience gained over the past 30 years and subject matter expertise to work alongside current and future clients to help them drive digital customer engagement through conversational AI.”  

As a passionate advocate for digital adoption to enhance the human experience for customers and staff, Brendan’s move to MoData will enable him to continue making a difference to how future facing companies do business. “Over the past three decades I have witnessed the evolution and convergence of voice and data technologies that have brought us to where are today,” says Brendan. “As leaders of digital transformation in the region, MoData enables companies to leverage these technologies to deliver innovative solutions. Within MoData Interactive, through listening and understanding companies’ needs, we are able to utilise conversational AI and cloud communication technologies to drive and deliver a meaningful, automated customer experience.”

“Digital technologies are ever evolving, and it is imperative that companies stay ahead of the curve,” says Brendan. “At MoData Interactive we ensure that we partner with only the best global providers to deliver the right solutions to our clients to maximise their customer engagement.”