CA Southern Africa Delivering Symantec Enterprise Cloud Innovations to SA

CA Southern Africa, a representative of Broadcom Software and driving Symantec Enterprise Cloud (SEC) uptake in SA’s enterprise market reveals

Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec in 2019 reinforced a 50 year history of Symantec innovation, focusing on  areas most important to its global client base, including:

  • Compliance.
  • Integration.
  • Work-from-anywhere.
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

CA Southern Africa reveals what’s coming next for the global leader.

“Over the next few years, Symantec products will integrate seamlessly not only with one another  but also with leading third-party solutions, as the company continues to refine and execute its vision for SEC,” says Michael Brink, CTO CA Southern Africa. “Customers can look forward to:

  • A single Symantec agent across technologies, platforms, and environments—a long-time cyber security goal, now within reach.
  • Consistent management of compliance, securing remote work, and data and threat protection across the entire enterprise environment.
  • Capabilities delivered in product upgrades covered under then-current licensing agreements. 

Brink says a narrow view of innovation focuses on niche product development by startups, and favours trends like today’s cloud only solutions. In a nutshell, Symantec (by Broadcom) not only covers the past and the present, but will also provide for the future?
“A broader view considers all the ways companies innovate: through acquisitions, in thought leadership, by aligning their solutions with customer requirements, and by shaping the business and regulatory environments. Over its history, Symantec has remained at the forefront of all these forms of innovation in cyber security,” he adds.

As a division of Broadcom, Symantec continues to innovate its products, business models, and community efforts on behalf of its customers.

“Consolidation is the key to simplicity, effective management, consistent compliance, an improved user experience, and more effective use of both internal (logs) and external (intelligence) data. SEC delivers all of it, and is available at simple, per-user annual pricing covering Endpoint, Network, Information, and Email Security solutions enterprise-wide,” concludes Brink.