CMP Swims Ahead of Competition with Citrix and XenTegra

Manufacturing today is more distributed and global than ever. To be successful, companies need to connect their facilities and employees so that work can be done around the world and the clock. With increasing frequency, they’re turning to cloud solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. to do it. And they’re seeing results.

Take Custom Molded Products (CMP). A year ago, the premier provider of pool, spa and bath products had two locations and aggressive plans to expand. But the on-premise technology it had in place was slowing things down. To speed them up, the company turned to XenTegra, a Citrix Solution Advisor and 2019 Partner Innovation Award Finalist, and began implementing digital workspace solutions from Citrix to seamlessly link its operations and enable employees to collaborate in a flexible, secure and reliable manner. Today, CMP is up and running in seven locations internationally and has earned itself a spot among the top three vendors in the Pool and Spa industry.

“We face fierce competition every single day, and I think our ability as a small company to be more efficient and thoughtful about how we approach IT provides us a significant edge over those competitors,” says William Drury, CEO, CMP.

A Unified Approach

Technology is supposed to be an enabler. But for CMP, it was actually inhibiting growth. “CMP is a dynamic, global company working with other dynamic companies, but they had technical limitations that were holding them back,” said Andy Whiteside, President and CEO, XenTegra, an expert provider of integrated digital workspace consulting, managed services, hosting and education.

Namely, behind-the-firewall solutions were making it difficult – if not impossible – for the company to link its systems in the US and China and transfer data and insights fast enough to keep up with the competition, much less lap it. And they simply couldn’t handle the pace with which the company was expanding and bringing acquired companies online.

To remedy the problem, XenTegra deployed Citrix Workspace on Microsoft Azure, enabling CMP to unify its locations in a flexible and scalable way.

“With the past four acquisitions, we’ve been able to bring them to market and get on the CMP platform with a rubber stamp in under 30 days,” said Chris Murphy, Director of Technology, CMP. “It was like we flipped a light switch. We’ve got Citrix on Azure, we’ve got a great partner in XenTegra backing the project and we’ve got China and the US working together in real time.”

As for the speed with which CMP needs to operate? “What used to take hours to get across the Chinese firewall we’re getting over there in minutes or they’re pulling it right down from our cloud share,” Murphy said.

CMP joins more than 400,000 – organizations including 99 percent of the Fortune 100 and 98 percent of the Fortune 500 – who are using Citrix solutions to power a better way to work and gain market advantage. Click here to learn more about the company’s solutions and the value they are creating.