Eaton’s xModular – a new approach to delivering data centre power infrastructure for ease of deployment, scalability and sustainability

Power management company Eaton today announced the introduction of its xModular system. This is the latest addition to its critical systems portfolio that brings innovation, integration and a digital dimension to the design, deployment, and operation of data centre type facilities.

“Increasingly the economy is a digital economy, as such the need for facilities to house compute and digital infrastructure is growing tremendously. Whether this is a data centre, on premise IT or a telecommunication network, all are facing the need for a more economic, faster, resilient, and safe way to house digital equipment. The xModular system and go-to-market strategy address this need regardless of application or customer type”, said Karina Rigby, president, Critical Systems, Electrical Sector at Eaton in EMEA.

As a global market leader in the manufacture of electrical switchgear, power distribution and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Eaton is best placed to optimise, integrate, and modularise the power train. But it’s not just the power aspect (grey space). xModular can also be configured to provide ample space for the IT compute equipment (white space) too. This space is designed in harmony with the electrical, cooling, controls and security requirements, providing an all-in-one system. By covering the entire module and system performance, Eaton gives clients the much-needed assurance when embarking on this alternative build method.

As well as leveraging its electrical expertise Eaton’s exceptional project management, field services and aftercare ensure the whole life cycle is managed with the client. With over 2,000 service engineers and countless data centre projects delivered globally, clients can expect world-class technology backed by world-class support.

The integration of cyber secure, electrical power monitoring and infrastructure management software, either on premise or remotely, ensures clients have full visibility and control of their critical environment.

In addition to Eaton’s innovation, the xModular partner program leverages some of the industry’s best of breed technology and services companies. “Rather than being locked into one design or face the cost associated with bespoke solutions, xModular has multiple designs covering multiple applications and geographies. This makes it unique in the marketplace, delivering much-needed flexibility to clients” said Ciarán Forde, Data Centre market segment manager, Eaton EMEA.

A key element of xModular is the inclusion of Eaton EnergyAwareTM UPS. This grid-interactive UPS means that the electrical system of an xModular data centre unit can act as a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) and provide essential services back to the grid operator thus accelerating and de-risking the adoption of renewables. This act alone dwarfs many of the traditional sustainability efforts made in infrastructure design and operations.

Eaton’s new xModular system reduces the complexity of design, onsite construction and coordination. This results in a build time at a fraction of traditional methods and redefines infrastructure technology and thinking. It maximises customer experience through expert system engineering, quality, flexibility, safety, installation test and commissioning. All with our clients need for faster deployment, scalability and sustainability objectives at the forefront.