Enterprise Reporting on Microsoft Teams Usage Just Became Easier with Clarity™

2020 brought about changes in the way people and businesses work, some of which were temporary, but others proved to be permanent. The one certainty coming out of the pandemic is that some form of hybrid work environment is the new normal that produced an upsurge in the usage of business communications tools such as Microsoft Teams. Apex BI has launched its latest innovation – enterprise reporting with Clarity™ that provides businesses with a crystal clear, detailed view of MS Teams cost and usage.

Regan Erasmus, Operations Director Apex BI, notes MS Teams saw a huge uptick in users during the pandemic, rising from 20 million in November 2019 to 44 million in March 2020, and 75 million by April of that year. “Many companies scrambled to keep up with the need for communications tools aimed at overcoming connectivity and accessibility challenges. It became imperative that rapid deployment of technology to ensure seamless productivity for employees was a must. However, whilst platforms like MS Teams met that need what may have been overlooked is the crucial enterprise reporting requirement necessary to provide the visibility needed,” says Erasmus.

Enterprise reporting on MS Teams usage is made easy with Clarity™ as it provides easy to use visibility with the same user-friendly functionality the market has come to expect from Apex BI solutions.

At a glance, Clarity™ enterprise reporting for MS Teams delivers:

  • A single view of cost and usage.
  • All cost and usage information in one place.
  • Reporting on cost and usage allocation per specific user and or group of users.
  • Better/easier understanding of user licences.
  • Detailed reports on your company’s MS Teams activities.
  • Reporting on how remote/home office workers use MS Teams.

Erasmus confirms that reporting on Microsoft Teams – just became easier. “We are enabling organisations with the visibility they require to not only track  Microsoft Teams costs, users and licence types, but also analyse usage and productivity trends across their workforce. Importantly, they should also look to automated reporting, with reports designed to provide actionable insights that help organisations enable remote work efficiency but crucially within budget. Clarity™ enterprise reporting for MS Teams empowers businesses to do just that and ensures that unexpected costs and management headaches don’t derail their strategies and business growth plans,” concludes Erasmus.