Freshworks Acquires Natero, a Leader in Customer Success Cloud Software

Acquisition makes Freshworks the industry’s first customer engagement platform to seamlessly connect every customer touchpoint from first web visit to latest invoice

Freshworks Inc., a global innovator in customer engagement software, announced it has acquired Natero, Inc., a leading customer success management software company. The acquisition gives Freshworks a SaaS platform that unifies marketing, sales, support and, now, customer success. With Natero’s AI/ML-powered technology, the Freshworks platform puts actionable data in the hands of customer success professionals. This helps companies more easily predict and prevent customer churn, increase account expansion and manage more customers with fewer resources.

Natero offers the premier customer success solution that combines predictive analytics, customer intelligence and workflow management. The data-driven platform enables businesses to proactively manage customer satisfaction and maximize customer lifetime value. When combined with Freshworks sales, marketing and support data, users gain a 360-degree view of the customer, helping businesses optimize the entire lifecycle from first touch to latest invoice.

“Customer engagement should not stop with just marketing, sales and support. Today, every business needs to invest in proactively managing customers. The addition of the Natero Customer Success Suite enables businesses to understand their customers better, offer personalized and differentiated service and turn them into passionate advocates and customers for life,” said Girish Mathrubootham, Freshworks founder and CEO. “The acquisition extends our ‘customer-for-life’ vision to all teams, including account and customer success managers who require up-to-date customer usage and health data to proactively engage those accounts at risk of churn or ready to buy more.”

With 56% of global consumers indicating that they’d switch brands after just one bad service experience, businesses must engage customers in real time and at scale to keep satisfaction high and churn low, according to Freshworks’ New Rules of Customer Engagement report.

“Today more than ever, businesses are living and dying by their ability to provide superior customer service. Yet, AI and machine learning aren’t magic pills, taken by themselves. Magic occurs when silos are eliminated so that predictive capabilities can be gained across the organization. Predictive AI can then increase customer engagement and improve the experience at every customer touchpoint,” said Esteban Kolsky, principal of ThinkJar and a leading CRM analyst.

With Natero’s addition to the Freshworks 360 suite, customers gain the following powerful new capabilities:

  • A holistic view of customers: Natero uses detailed analysis of past behavior to create and configure customer health scores, allowing companies to grow an established customer base, identify any red flags and increase customer retention rates.
  • Operationalized customer success: The software keeps customer success teams organized, allowing everyone to centrally manage all of their customer-related activities such as alerts, workflows and tasks.
  • Streamlined business intelligence: Users can identify behavioral trends and discover valuable customer insights – all without the help of analysts or developers.

“We share Freshworks’ passion and commitment to providing an unrivaled customer experience,” said Craig Soules, Natero founder and CEO. “We are excited to join the growing Freshworks global team as we help businesses acquire and keep customers for life.”