Nokia Multi-layer Security Automatically Protects Clouds on Many Levels

With the launch of Multi-layer Security capabilities, Nokia is providing operators with automated and adaptive protection to tackle the ever-changing threats to cloud environments. The new capabilities enhance Nokia’s unique Cloud Security Director.

Nokia introduces automatic deployment of security measures whenever a Virtualized Network Function (VNF) is created or modified. Additionally, the solution now allows the creation of infrastructure security zones to isolate sensitive VNFs from less secure infrastructure. It also includes automatic hardening of virtual machines, and professional expert services to find and plug hypervisor hardening gaps.

Combining these key capabilities helps operators save up to 80% in operational costs by eliminating the complexity of manually configuring the security of separate, multivendor systems. Nokia Cloud Security Director also automates the planning and deployment of safeguards, reducing their rollout time by at least 50%.

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Nokia Multi-layer Security at a glance:

  • Automated and dynamic security for multivendor VNFs adapts protection policies and applies them to new VNFs when they are deployed, and to existing VNFs when they are modified, for example scaled up or down. The capability virtualizes security functions, such as firewalls, and applies automation to avoid human error and reduce operatonal costs.
  • Improved control over security zones allows operators to enforce the deployment of specific VNFs on dedicated hypervisors. This protects sensitive VNFs that process critical data, for example the home subscriber function, by isolating them from other parts of the infrastructure that do not need the highest levels of protection.
  • Nokia Cloud Security Director can now automatically deploy hardening policies to virtual machine monitors to improve their protection.
  • Nokia’s professional cloud assessment service identifies hardening gaps and issues rules

Stephane Mahieu, responsible of Cloud Network Security at Nokia said: “Cloud security is not one size fits all. The increasingly multivendor environment means more interface-related security risks – all vendors are creating their VNFs differently. Each new set of technology layers from SDN and NFV opens up the threat landscape and increases the vulnerability of the overall system. Operators need an automated way of adapting security that is as flexible as the cloud itself. The dynamic and automated capabilities of our Cloud Security Director provide operators with the industry’s most secure cloud solution.”