Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Now Available in All Global Regions and Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

Delivers support for scale production VMware workloads in a customer-controlled tenancy

Customers include Entel, largest telecom provider in Chile and the third largest in Peru

Building on the recent launch of Oracle Cloud@Customer, Oracle continues an aggressive push to deliver flexibility and scale that meets customers where they are in their cloud transformation. Today Oracle announced availability of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, a dedicated, cloud-native VMware-based environment that enables enterprises to easily move their production VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides customers with the identical experience in the cloud as in on-premises data centers, and seamlessly integrates with Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is available now in all public regions and in customer Dedicated Region cloud instances.

Unique to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, customers have complete access and control of their VMware environment, with no limits, to run production enterprise applications in the cloud without compromise. In addition to integration with Oracle Autonomous Database and other Oracle Cloud services, the solution uniquely provides customers with control over versions of vSphere used, security tools, and automation services. Customers can also migrate existing Oracle apps and databases running on vSphere on premises to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to take advantage of cloud scale and economics. Now, customers can provision and deploy the core feature set and capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while using the same industry standard VMware tools to upgrade, patch, and tune their environment, enabling production use for critical workloads.

“Entel migrated over 60 production applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including our mission-critical customer engagement, business intelligence, and risk management systems,” said Helder Branco, chief technology officer, Entel. “We have a strong technical team, including many VMware experts, so a managed VMware service is not helpful. We need administrative access to the VMware software so we can maintain control of every aspect of the environment. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offers my team the exact same experience they had in the data center but with cloud elasticity and access to Oracle Cloud services, providing a fast, easy, and cost-effective path to migrate our VMware-based applications to the cloud.  As a result, performance has increased dramatically, downtime is close to zero and we have seen a 50 percent decrease in the number of customer support tickets.”

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is VMware Cloud Verified, giving customers confidence they are using the complete set of VMware capabilities, with consistency, performance and interoperability for their VMware workloads. The service is based on VMware Cloud Foundation to deliver VMware vSphere, NSX, vSAN, and integrated management, and a three-node compute cluster that can scale out to 64 nodes per cluster and multiple clusters in the same environment. With full access to the underlying host and VMware environment, customers can use key services not available on other public clouds, such as VMware Host Client for ESXi management. In addition to complete control over their VMware service, customers get access to more than 50 Oracle Cloud services that span compute, networking and storage to Containers, Kubernetes, and Digital Assistants that support application modernization and development.

“We are excited to offer our shared customers access to an Oracle-built, VMware-validated cloud solution that replicates the on-premises experience that people know and love, but is now available in a global hyperscale public cloud,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of engineering, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Now, customers can easily migrate industry-standard VMware vSphere workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and benefit from its performance and security, while relying on Oracle for full support and services.”

“Building new digital services. Scaling business-critical apps. Enabling a remote workforce. Applications sit at the core of addressing these challenges, and hybrid cloud opens the door to cost-effective enterprise application scalability, flexibility, and modernization,” said Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware. “Through consistent VMware infrastructure and operations, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables our mutual customers to migrate and modernize enterprise applications, and seamlessly move workloads between on-premises environments and Oracle Cloud, all with access to Oracle’s full portfolio of cloud services.”

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution Highlights:

  • Ease of migration – Move VMware-based applications to Oracle Cloud without having to modify them. Avoid effort spent porting applications, refactoring code or resolving configuration differences
  • Delivered in your tenancy – Customers control access and management services completely
  • Unified commercial terms – One contract for all services and can be used to meet existing universal commercial commitments
  • Unified support – Oracle provides one stop support for the entire tenancy, including VMware service support
  • No retraining required – Leverage existing software, skillsets and tools organizations are already using on-premises, including vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, and NSX
  • Extend VMware environments to the cloud – Configure a cloud environment to match on-premises and keep them in-sync. Oracle supports vSphere versions 6.5 and 6.7
  • Use VMware validated solutions– Instant support for thousands of VMware-Ready applications, including popular third-party management tools
  • Disaster recovery where needed – Replicate or back-up into any commercial or government Oracle Cloud Region across the globe
  • Total control – Full administrative control over the VMware environment in the customer tenancy, such as version control of vSphere, access to host operating systems and all other on-premises administrative rights
  • Powerful hardware – Compute instances provide customers with 156 cores in three nodes to start, scaling to 64 nodes per cluster across multiple clusters, delivering the enterprise scale needed for VMware solutions in the cloud

The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is sold by Oracle and its partners. Oracle customers consume the new solution using their existing Universal Credits resulting in a single unified bill. Customers can use VMware vCenter to manage both their on-premises clusters and Oracle Cloud-based SDDCs through a single pane of glass. Customers deploy this new solution in the same global cloud regions and within the same virtual cloud networks used to deploy any Oracle Cloud service. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution accommodates multiple versions of VMware in the same Oracle Cloud tenancy, supporting real application lifecycle management.

What Customers and Partners are Saying about Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

“The addition of VMware to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s constantly growing arsenal of industry standard solutions is another exciting step forward,” said Chris Pasternak, Accenture Global Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Lead.  “Now our clients have yet another option to help quickly move Oracle workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure through the simplicity of tools like vMotion. What’s more, because this is a customer-managed service, we can move forward with patching, upgrading, and maintenance of the VMware estate on our clients’ terms. That’s huge.”

“Actifio shares thousands of mutual customers with both VMware and Oracle. Actifio’s Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a seamless way to bring Resiliency, Mobility, Migration and Agility to all Oracle and VMware workloads in addition to our support for Oracle Exadata Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” said Ranajit Nevatia, senior vice president and general manager, Actifio GO, at Actifio “Enterprises can continue to benefit from Actifio’s “data reuse” capabilities to provision rapid database clones as test data for DevOps, data warehouse, and business analytics. We are excited about our integration and partnership with Oracle Cloud and VMware.”

“We are happy to join forces with Oracle and VMware and provide the critical data backup and recovery support for customers utilizing their Oracle Cloud VMware Solution,” said Rahul Pawar, vice president, product management, Commvault. “The key benefits of this solution – ease, scalability, security, and cost – perfectly align with the leading features of our products, making this a winning combination for customers.”

“Deloitte works with a number of global enterprise clients that use VMware to achieve greater IT flexibility, many of which also use Oracle to power their mission critical applications,” said Jeffrey Davis, chief commercial officer, Oracle Business, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The Oracle VMware Solution can offer our clients a path to cloud that incorporates the flexibility to build and manage a full featured VMware offering that runs on Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure. As Oracle’s leading cloud infrastructure alliance, Deloitte looks forward to helping clients accelerate the pace of digital transformation with this new solution.”

“RackWare is a long-time VMware and Oracle partner, and we are excited to support the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment,” said Todd Matters, chief technology officer, RackWare. “RackWare’s Management Module (RMM) platform offers a complete migration and disaster recovery solution along with the ability to automate DR testing. With RMM, origin machine instances can be cloned, replicated, and placed in a wide variety of physical and cloud environments. We have a long history of supporting VMware customers with their DR and migration needs, and with the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution launch we are excited to bring the same benefits to the ever-growing Oracle customer base.”

“As a leader in both VMware backup and recovery and Cloud Data Management, it’s imperative that we support our customers in their hybrid and multi-cloud journeys,” said Dan Kogan, vice president product and solutions marketing at Veeam. “We’re excited to enable our mutual customers to extend or migrate their VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by partnering with Oracle to now add support for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Customers can now leverage a single solution for data protection, recovery, monitoring, and ransomware protection for any app and any data in any cloud.”

“In March, we launched Zerto 8.0 with the mission to deliver IT resilience everywhere. Part of that strategy is to deepen integrations with market-leading public cloud providers and we’re excited to add Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to that list,” said Gil Levonai, CMO and senior vice president of product, Zerto.  “Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is offering increased control, flexibility, and cloud integration that the industry is looking for and Zerto is excited to be a part of that offering. This enables our customers to access all of the industry-leading benefits of Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform—continuous data protection, best-in-class RPOs and RTOs for recoverability, data migration, and more—also on Oracle Cloud.”

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