Oracle Launches Oracle Code Events for Modern Cloud Development

Oracle CloudWorld — Oracle has a rich history of building platforms and developer-focused technologies that are loved and used by millions of developers around the globe. In continuation of its commitment to invest in the developer community – Oracle announced that attendee registration and call for papers are now open for Oracle Code, a free event series that will bring developers together to learn about the latest technologies, best practices and industry trends. Starting March 1 in San Francisco, the Oracle Code event series will give attendees the insights they need to tackle development challenges in the Cloud through a combination of keynotes, technical sessions and hands-on labs delivered by industry luminaries, community members and Oracle experts. In total, there will be events in 20 cities across North America, Europe, Asia and South America in 2017.

As every industry and every business goes through the inevitable transformation around Cloud computing, developers continue to look to extend their expertise to Cloud migration, management and Cloud-native development. They are looking to quickly create applications with microservices, APIs, containers, machine learning, mobile backends and chatbots using modern DevOps processes. They need rich and robust platform capabilities including big data and analytics, integration, management and monitoring, mobility and Internet of Things (IoT). Developers want the ability to choose any programming language, database, operating system, virtualization technology and developer tool, including open source and third party options. They need the ability to deploy in the Cloud or on-premises with portability and interoperability.

Oracle Code helps developers continue learning about new and trending open source technologies such as Kafka/Spark, Docker/Kubernetes and diverse programming languages including Java, Javascript/Node.js, Python/PHP as well as databases such as Cassandra/MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle. Speakers at Oracle Code will provide technical, educational and pragmatic content, showcasing the latest developer technologies with hands-on labs, interactive experiences and demos as well as providing opportunities to network among developers of all backgrounds and levels.

The first Oracle Code event in San Francisco will feature a keynote from luminary JavaScript pioneer Douglas Crockford entitled “The Post JavaScript Apocalypse” and a keynote from Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development.

“Oracle is helping developers build applications with an open, modern and easy to use development Cloud platform,” said Thomas Kurian, Oracle President of Product Development. “With the Oracle Code event series, we are able to extend our commitment to the global developer community by providing an interactive forum for developers to learn about the latest technologies, connect with peers and share best practices.”

Oracle Code events are scheduled in the following cities with more coming soon:

March 1 – San Francisco May 18 – Tokyo
March 8 – Austin May 22 – Moscow
March 21 – New York June 6 – Brussels
March 27 – Washington D.C. June 22 – Atlanta
April 18 – Toronto June 27 – São Paulo
April 20 – London June 29 – Mexico City
April 24 – Frankfurt July 14 – Beijing
April 28 – Prague July 18 – Sydney
May 10 – New Delhi Aug 30 – Seoul