Syrex and Hystax to Revolutionise Cloud Migration in Africa

Syrex has entered into a strategic partnership with cloud migration and disaster recovery specialists Hystax to radically reduce the complexities businesses face across industry sectors typically face when transitioning to the cloud.

Through this, Syrex can now deliver a complete suite of cloud migration and high availability solutions to its customers. Using Hystax, Syrex introduces an automation layer when moving workloads into the cloud that also manages both cloud infrastructure and disaster recovery more effectively. This will reduce organisational risk and cost for customers as they continue their digital transformation drives.

“As innovation and agility become essential to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, organisations have shown an increased interest in smart cloud technologies. Hystax is happy to further expand our business with Syrex to provide our strategic partner and its customers in the region with a robust live cloud migration and disaster recovery solution,” says Nick Smirnov, CEO at Hystax.

To this end, the Hystax Acura solution facilitates migration to public, private, or hybrid clouds. It also delivers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The fully automated solution supports all target and source platforms and helps to implement any cloud migration strategy to modernise IT infrastructure.

“While other migration tools focus on specific platforms, Hystax empowers us to deliver a complete technology agnostic offering to companies across the continent. Because of its automation capabilities, Hystax Acura delivers consistent replication of any type of workload, provides the ability to run unlimited number of test migrations, and facilitates an orchestrated launch of business applications on a target site,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

He says that Hystax is capable of completely assimilating the client environment on a per server basis and locking that into the orchestrator interface. Using Hystax, the company can build in all the required commands that include security patching and the required network layers in the environment to create a high availability replica of the server. This can be activated when needed and provides an exact duplicate of the environment prior to the restore.

“This means the business can seamlessly switch between on-premise and cloud environments with zero impact on performance or operations. Hystax is a unique global vendor that delivers services to ease migration in a staged way. In doing so, the customer can run both environments in sync and have the freedom to choose which side becomes active and which is passive,” says Berndt.

Hystax Acura provides the quickest automated way to evolve into a cloud-centric organisation. There is no risk of failing or any data loss occurring using the solution. It is about getting the business cloud-ready through completely digital means.

“The initial focus will be on Azure, but AWS support is expected to be available later this year. Migrating to the cloud is a massive undertaking even for dedicated IT personnel. With a myriad of options available on Azure, there is no real way to guarantee that the environment will be the same as with the on-premise one. This also does not account for the unique security, accessibility, and other settings specific to the business. Hystax Acura changes all that with a completely automated way to provide the peace of mind that what is available in the cloud is exactly as what is on-premise. This partnership will radically transform how companies embrace the cloud in Africa,” concludes Berndt.