BCX Announces Sale of Netcampus

BCX, Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner, has announced the sale of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Netcampus. The sale of Netcampus will take the form of a management buyout with current Managing Executive, Tebogo Makgatho, taking 70% of the company while the remaining 30% will be sold to Telkom FutureMakers, Telkom’s enterprise development programme. As a result of this sale, Netcampus will be able to reach a larger customer base and showcase BCX’s commitment to furthering the business impact of black and female owned businesses.

Netcampus is a leading ICT training solutions provider, offering a comprehensive package of services, which consist of technical and soft skill courses geared for ICT professionals. Netcampus has been the internal ICT training service provider for BCX and has been marketed to BCX customers for their training needs.

With the completion of this transaction, Netcampus will now be able to focus on their core strengths and more effectively compete in the ICT sector with a stronger market offering. They will also be able to pursue opportunities outside of the BCX Group of companies.

“Skills and enterprise development along with empowering black and woman owned businesses is a top priority for BCX,” said Ian Russell, CEO of BCX. “Even though Netcampus is one of our niche subsidiaries, we feel that this sale allows them the chance to become a major player in the ICT Learning and Development space.”

“We’re very thankful for the support we’ve gotten from BCX over the years. Because of their vast network of partners and customers, we’ve have the ability to leverage on this network and will be able to grow our company in different markets,” said Tebogo Makgatho. “Now we’re excited to build an organisation that can expand ICT Learning and Development solutions beyond the BCX network.”

Following the transaction, Netcampus will still remain a service provider for BCX and the Telkom Group and will still be used for ICT training and skills development purposes.