BCX Launches SD-WAN Suite

As South African businesses become more competitive in the global digital economy, agile networking solutions become vital in spurring growth. To address the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation, BCX has launched an SD-WAN Suite, designed to increase business agility and assist companies to simplify their network management.

“We know that digital transformation is not just about technology,” says Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Telecommunications Solutions at BCX. “Digital Transformation is achieved by placing next-generation technology at the core of your organisation to enable new, digital-first business models. We regard Software Defined Networks as a major milestone for clients embarking on their digital transformation journey.”

The evidence of this changing landscape is undeniable. Gartner reports that between 30% and 50% of enterprise traffic is shifting to the cloud, changing traffic flows and making traditional wide area networking (WAN) sub-optimal. They estimate that by 2020, more than 50% of WAN-edge refresh initiatives will be based on software-defined wide area networking, or SD-WAN.

In addition to this, the networking industry is constantly evolving towards software-defined network function virtualisation (NFV) platforms, where various networking hardware devices like routers and firewalls from different vendors are implemented in software as a single, consolidated network.

This brings a host of benefits – from bandwidth and traffic optimisation with network-wide visibility and control, to rapid application deployment. SD-WAN supports the management of both physical and virtual devices from a central controller, allowing IT managers to create a single management console for their physical and virtual devices.

BCX integrates the latest software-defined capabilities into a suite of SD-WAN solutions in partnership with leading networking vendors. BCX’s managed SD-WAN suite offers solutions for Corporate and Public Sector clients, which are guaranteed to meet any requirement – from cost-effective small branch solutions to complex, enterprise-grade solutions. Additionally, our multi-vendor ecosystem allows clients to mix and match different vendors’ elements to create a truly customised solution, optimising cost efficien02cies.

“We know that your business needs a tailored, bespoke solution for networking. We add value by creating customised and scalable solutions to meet even the most complex requirements by combining technologies within our holistic suite of SD-WAN solutions. This means that you only pay for what you need, allowing you to maximise flexibility and cost efficiencies,” adds Liebenberg.

To find out more about our SD-WAN Suite of solutions send an email to info@bcx.co.za