British Columbia Ministry of Health Extends Long-term Partnership with CGI

CGI signed a new application management services contract with the Ministry of Health, which, extends CGI’s relationship with the Ministry of Health to 2020.

Under the new contract, CGI will manage a large portfolio of Ministry of Health applications, tools, technologies, websites, web-related services and other IT solutions, as well as associated servers, including mainframe and web-based servers. CGI will keep the systems within the portfolio operational, optimized, secure and serving their purposes, while carrying out ongoing portfolio planning activities and identifying opportunities for transformation where appropriate.

In addition, where requested by the Ministry, CGI will provide on-demand application development and modernization services for opportunities identified through its portfolio transformation planning or by the Ministry.

“Under this new contract, the Ministry of Health will benefit from ongoing stability through a team of experts who thoroughly understand the Ministry’s operations and technology,” said Shawn Derby, Senior Vice President of CGI’s Western Business Unit. “As we move forward, we plan to focus significant energy on identifying and executing transformative initiatives for the Ministry in areas such as security/privacy, infrastructure modernization to drive its long-term performance and success.”