Digital Afrique Telecom (DAT) Launches a Smart Delivery App to Simplify Businesses Order and Delivery Process

Digital Afrique Telecom (DAT) ( announced the successful launch of a Smart delivery app to enable businesses to simplify their order and delivery process.

This Smart delivery application allows each customer to place an order based on the available stock and select its date and place of delivery. Besides, one can control its order status in real time.

DAT makes the life of both customers and businesses simple. A company can now save time and money through this innovative app when it comes to generating extra business with a delivery service.

Simplice Anoh, founder and CEO of DAT, emphasized: “The Smart delivery app is bringing together customers and businesses on a whole new level of delivery service experience. Consumers can remain safe at home in these critical times and receive their order while businesses keep track of their sales objectives”

Smart delivery is also geared to manage the delivery staff, knowing in real time who is delivering what and calculating at the end of the day the stock depending on each order delivered. The delivery person in charge can also notify the customer via the app when the order is being delivered and even call him or her when necessary.

To make the difference, DAT has connected its innovative delivery application with a whatsapp chatbot where customers can place an order following the steps dictated by the automated whatsapp account. A QR code is generated at the end of the order and linked to the app automatically to trigger the order.

The Smart delivery app gives every business the opportunity to follow in real time via a back office the orders, the stock and most importantly the sales generated by the delivery activity.

Simplice Anoh added: “Service oriented businesses who benefit from the Smart delivery app can keep their customers happy especially during this difficult time where every new source of revenue is welcomed”.