Dimension Data Summit 2021 Aims to Address Society’s Sustainability Challenges Head On

Private public partnership is key to driving global sustainability through the collaborative approach to finding long term solutions

2021 remains uncertain for society, businesses and economies worldwide, however, there is hope that resides in the coalition of private and public organisations to shift the uncertainty, by taking deliberate action in the coming year. 

Dimension Data is taking decisive actions to bring together top business minds from across the Middle East and Africa, to openly and actively seek to address critical challenges faced by the region, exploring impactful solutions to aid in economic recovery, future development and sustainability in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Dimension Data will be hosting a large-scale virtual summit in 2021, delivering a solution driven dialogue with key thought leaders across industries. The inaugural summit, scheduled to take place in March 2021 aims to create meaningful collaboration and outcomes between forward thinking minds, entrepreneurs, government officials and c-suite executives across various sectors, within the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

For the inaugural Dimension Data Summit, the focus will be on the following key areas:

  • Future of Education
  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Energy, Food and Water Security
  • Sustainability and the Future of Business

Dimension Data is committed to accelerate progress to advance sustainability, equality and opportunity through the transformative power of technology. “We believe that we can change this, and we have a positive role to play in the creation of a better future for all, everywhere we operate,” says CEO, Grant Bodley.

“We want to use the Dimension Data Summit to explore possible solutions to these challenges by leveraging the power of the collective and the transformative power of technology. This summit will be free to attend, allowing for all audiences to table their ideas and recommendations for real action.”

The company intends to be part of the development of impactful solutions that support economic recovery, future development, and sustainability in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Join the Dimension Data Summit and together let’s make a world of difference. Visit: https://bit.ly/2KsLOAE