LanDynamix Achieves Level 2 BEE Certification

LanDynamix – a leading specialist cyber security solutions and managed services company – has announced the achievement of a Level 2 BEE rating for the second year in a row.

The company has also revealed the details of the LanDynamix Employees Trust which has been allocated 30% of the shares in the business.

Established in 2006 LanDynamix provides cyber security and managed services in the information and communications technology environment. Areas of specialisation include: cyber security, remote support, monitoring and management of clients’ IT systems.

A level 2 BEE status is awarded to companies that score more than 95 but less than 100 of the allocated points on the BEE scorecard.  Jeanne Nkuna, LanDynamix Operations Director,  explains: “In our case we scored 96.91 out of the possible 100 points.  The score then needs to be evaluated against all five elements of BEE namely: equity ownership, management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development as well as socio-economic parameters.  All of these categories are given different weightings.”

Peter Clarke, MD and founder of LanDynamix, notes this is quite an achievement due to the stringent industry sector requirements for businesses categorised in the Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) arena. 

“Our BEE rating is hugely important to us and we attribute this success to the fact that we have done this in the right way.  All too often it can end up merely a smoke and mirrors exercise with many companies failing to understand  how important these ratings are and how they can be significantly beneficial to both staff and the organisations with which they partner,” says Clarke.

He adds the Level 2 rating is an incentive for other companies to do business with LanDynamix  as this in turn improves their score. “It has a knock-on effect as they can use our certificate for their compliance and vice versa.  The other side of the coin is that without this compliance business can be lost to competitors – some entities only deal with compliant suppliers.  So, having this rating effectively means we can win business with non-compliant and compliant companies alike.”

Clarke highlights the foundation of the LanDynamix Employees Trust as one hugely successful example of the tangible staff benefits of the company’s approach to BEE.  “The Trust was established to benefit previously disadvantaged  employees who are eligible to own shares after  one year of full-time permanent employment in the organisation,” says Clarke.

Dividends are paid annually to the beneficiaries and  the longer the employee has been with the company the higher their economic benefit. 

“Staff are now owners in the business and benefit economically from the scheme.  For me this is hugely rewarding as I see it as the right way to be successful in business by empowering our staff and making them owners and partners also.”

He says employees also gain immense benefit from the skills development perspective – one of the main priorities of the company.  “ We have placed great emphasis on training initiatives to develop the skills of all staff but with particular focus on the previously disadvantaged. We are also investigating more programmes including: internships and the youth employment service (Y.E.S) and in doing so to further contribute to absorbing more people into the workforce,” Clarke concludes.