Orange Appoints Elie Lobel as CEO of Orange Healthcare

Orange has announced the appointment of Elie Lobel as CEO of Orange Healthcare, which also becomes the healthcare subsidiary within Orange Business Services. Elie Lobel will be responsible for the Orange Business Services healthcare subsidiary and its operational management.

According to Thierry Bonhomme, CEO of Orange Business Services: “The arrival of Elie Lobel, who has been chosen for his expertise, confirms the ambitions of Orange in the field of healthcare. 2016 will be a big year for Orange Healthcare, focused on the development of innovative services in care treatment, home support for patients with diminishing autonomy, Big Data and data security, and digital healthcare services in general.”

Both medical and scientific expertise to build e-health services

Previously, Elie Lobel was the Director of the National E-health Projects Unit of ASIP Santé, the public agency responsible for promoting the deployment of e-health in France. Thanks to this experience, he has a solid understanding of both the sector and the public issues affecting e-health, not just in France but also in Europe and abroad.

Elie Lobel is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris and Cornell University in the U.S., and also holds a doctorate in neuroscience. He has spent the majority of his career in the healthcare sector, where he has been involved, in particular, in the development of several innovative start-ups in the field of healthcare information systems and software tools to help diagnosis.