Unisys Stealth to Protect Critical Data at PBF Energy Locations Throughout U.S.

Unisys Corporation announced that PBF Energy, one of the largest U.S. petroleum refiners and providers of petroleum products, has selected the Unisys Stealth solution to protect its vital information and applications.

Unisys will provide the award-winning Unisys Stealth software and related services to help PBF Energy guard its business-critical systems from hackers or other unauthorized access, reduce the attack surface of their environment, and to protect critical IT assets.

Unisys Stealth uses identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption that help organizations mitigate attacks and hacker incidents by rendering devices, data and end users undetectable on networks. The solution establishes secure “micro-segments” within an enterprise where only authorized users can access information. Unauthorized users cannot access the information — or even see that it exists. Even if a bad actor gets in, Stealth sees to it that they are cryptographically contained to a single segment of the network, with no access to move laterally to other parts of the enterprise.

“Companies like PBF Energy understand that they can no longer protect their business through the old security paradigm of simply building walls around their infrastructure and monitoring security events,” said Tom Patterson, vice president of global security, Unisys. “With Stealth, they can layer in advanced defenses with identity-based micro-segmentation that can minimize the damage done by even a successful cyberattack.”

“At PBF Energy, we understand the critical need to protect our data, applications and IT infrastructure,” said PBF Energy Chief Information Officer Richard Loew. “Unisys Stealth provides PBF Energy with an advanced security solution without the need to change applications, buy new hardware, or change our firewall rules.”

Unisys Stealth products are available for data centers, clouds, mobile, and SCADA devices, and are part of a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions for enterprise security including data and physical security, identity management at scale, advanced biometrics, and supply chain security. Unisys also globally delivers the full scope of managed security services and global consulting to address all aspects of its clients’ security requirements.