Apex BI’s Easy Recharge and Top Up Solution for Company Pre-paid SIM Cards

This feature makes it possible to track, manage and recharge company pre-paid and top up SIM cards.

Businesses of all sizes are challenged by the administrative nightmare of reporting on the costs associated with airtime recharges on pre-paid and top-up SIM cards which are often procured from multiple sources, including carriers and retail outlets. This in turn creates a time-consuming, manual (and as such error-prone) claiming process for Human Resource and/or Finance departments. It can also lead to loss of connectivity in the event a SIM card is not recharged in time.

Apex BI’s easy to use Clarity™ software presents the solution to this problem by enabling airtime recharges across multiple carriers from a single platform. All recharges are allocated to users who are in turn assigned to the relevant company structures.

Neil Buckley, MD, Apex BI, explains that this means that not only are recharges simplified, but organisations can also track, manage, and automatically assign the associated recharge expenditure. “The Clarity™ platform enables SIM administrators to query available balances on certain carriers before blindly loading additional airtime onto SIM cards. We like to call this the power of knowing,” says Buckley.

The Clarity™ Mobile Recharge solution enables businesses to:

  • Recharge prepaid and top up SIM’s.
  • Query remaining balances on certain networks.
  • Detailed recharge logs to track all activity.
  • Set limits to the value of recharges.
  • Automate recharge cost allocation & cost recovery.
  • Report in line with Company structures.
  • Centralise insight & visibility via reporting & dashboards.
  • Receive automated notifications & alerts based on policies.

“Clarity™ Mobile Recharge offers visibility and control over these additional costs allowing businesses to allocate them appropriately.” He adds that ultimately, peace of mind is the biggest benefit as all the features noted above are delivered via the Clarity™ platform which is secure; user friendly, and cloud based. “API integrations are available, and we have an extensive integrated knowledge base plus several support channels” concludes Buckley.