Obscure Technologies and Netskope SASE Unlocking Success for African Markets

Leading cybersecurity specialists, Obscure Technologies is enabling business success in Africa through Netskope SASE solutions.

Key Netskope SASE features and benefits include:

  • Reduced network cost and complexity.
  • Integrated cloud-delivered security with fast, reliable access for any user device,
    or site.
  • Elimination of traditional network perimeter and multiple security point products.

Francois van Hirtum, CTO, Obscure Technologies, notes Netkope’s SASE improves organisations’ overall security posture as the comprehensive cloud-delivered Security Service Edge (SSE) addresses evolving threats and protects valuable data. “It secures both managed and unmanaged users and devices, reducing risk and narrowing the attack surface. Network resilience and business agility capabilities are boosted and it supports digital transformation with a converged approach, ensuring security for new connections and consistent network performance,” says Mr. van Hirtum.

“Netskope SASE integrates Intelligent SSE and Borderless SD-WAN into a cloud-native, single-vendor solution for enterprises. It unifies networking and security services, offering fast, reliable

access from anywhere,” he confirms.

Key features include:

  • Cloud-Native Architecture: Netskope’s SASE platform is designed as a scalable cloud-native system with micro-services for seamless adoption of cloud-based services.
  • Private Cloud Infrastructure (Netskope NewEdge): world’s largest private cloud network for secure, optimised on-ramp to web, cloud, and SaaS. Full control over routing, peering, and data centre decisions for lowest latency.
  • Context-driven Zero Trust engine: ensures secure on-ramp to everything with control over routing and data centre decisions for lowest latency.

Mr. van Hirtum highlights Netskope’s advantages which include 360° Data Protection (Netskope DLP) with machine-learning (ML) and AI for discovery and monitoring of sensitive data. “There is full platform convergence. The scalable and modular SASE platform integrates industry’s best security and networking technologies. Moreover, it offers a complete network and security platform with CASB, SWG, ZTNA, FWaaS, SSPM, and DEM capabilities.

“Netkope’s SASE delivers AI-driven security and performance (SkopeAI) with end-to-end visibility and control. The suite of AI and ML innovations ensure superior data protection and cyber threat defence. Purpose-built NewEdge infrastructure and proactive DEM provide full hop-by-hop visibility within the SASE platform.

“Global coverage, extensive peering, and low latency design delivers security without performance trade-offs. Borderless SD-WAN and Proactive DEM enhance network performance for critical applications. It delivers a phenomenal user experiences. All these powerful features combine to fuel business success,” concludes Mr. van Hirtum.