Obscure Technologies Delivering Borderless SD-WAN

Cybersecurity specialists, Obscure Technologies highlights the challenges of modern enterprise connectivity in a world of borderless SD-WAN.

“The enterprise perimeter is dissolving with users and devices are scattered everywhere,” says  Francois van Hirtum, CTO, Obscure Technologies. “Applications are distributed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments and legacy SD-WAN solutions are insufficient for modern enterprise needs,” says van Hirtum.

Netskope Borderless SD-WAN from Obscure Technologies offers an architecture that converges zero trust principles and assured application performance to provide unprecedented secure, high-performance connectivity for every site, cloud, remote user, and IoT device.

“Today, we have entered a new era of the borderless enterprise in which users, devices, sites, and clouds are all connected in numerous ways. We have a remote-first perspective and have moved beyond the four walls of the traditional corporate office. The growth of micro-branches, multi-cloud, remote-work, telehealth, mobile fleet, and IoT assets in manufacturing, are examples of how the perimeter has expanded. in this era, legacy network architectures are lagging and weighing us down. The enterprise network was never designed for this world. It requires a rethinking of how we build the modern network, that allows for networking and security to tightly integrate, security delivered from the cloud based on zero trust principles—this is what Gartner defines as secure access services edge (SASE),” adds van Hirtum.

Advantages of Netskope Borderless SD-WAN and the power of one includes:

  • Elimination of multiple point products.
  • One Platform, One Software, One Policy.
  • Delivers uniform security and optimised connectivity.
  • Wide Range of Hybrid Work Support:
  • Covers Remote Users, Branch Offices, Branch of One, Wireless.
  • WAN, IoT, and Multi-cloud Environments.
  • Simplifies traffic steering to Netskope Security Cloud and NewEdge network.

He confirms this is industries first converged SASE offering that delivers high performance and optimisation for critical applications. “Netskope Cloud XD: context-driven engine provides adaptive policies; one-click insertion of intelligent SSE services like NG-SWG, FWaaS and more. It brings centralised management for quick online deployment of users, devices, sites, and multi-cloud environments. An all-in-one SASE Gateway integrates SD-WAN, security, routing, 4G/5G,

and edge compute. It also offers the widest range of deployment options, including software clients, cellular gateways, branches, DCs, and virtual gateways.”

Key Solutions & Capabilities are:

  • Secure SD-WAN:
  • Redefines SD-WAN for a cloud-first world.
  • AI-driven operations and Netskope Cloud XD context-aware smart engine.
  • Integrated security that is not bolted-on.
  • SD-WAN Remote Access:
  • Industry’s first software client.
  • Seamlessly converges zero trust security and SD-WAN optimisation.
  • Delivers unparalleled user experience and security anywhere.

Further capabilities are delivered including the provision of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, ensuring  secure and optimised access to business resources from home, vehicles, or single high-value assets/machines. Flexible Wireless WAN overcomes long broadband installation lead times and is secure and powerful while avoiding complex network setup and difficulties with connecting

legacy equipment.

“In terms of multi-cloud networking Netskope enables automated cloud connections and operations and more, such as:

  • Deep analytics and insights across multi-cloud environment.
  • Consistent cloud traffic flow through policy-aware steering.

IoT Intelligent access connects, collects, and creates business intelligence from IoT/OT data.

Moreover, it provides simplicity and scale for remote support with inbound access to assets,” concludes van Hirtum.