Schneider Electric Launches PowerLogic P7 Power and Control Platform for Complex and High-Demand Applications

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has unveiled the latest device in its PowerLogic range of products – the PowerLogic P7 digital power and control platform.

The PowerLogic P7 was designed to offer the best performance in complex and high-demand applications and is based on a visualisation-ready, next-generation platform, powered by a single configuration tool, the PowerLogic engineering Suite.

Nishandra Baijnath, Systems Architect, Power Systems at Schneider Electric, says the PowerLogic P7 is now available to the South African and Anglophone Africa region and will replace the company’s legacy protection relays.

“This is a high-end, multi-functional protection and control platform that combines all the features and functionalities of our legacy MiCOM range of protection relays, namely the MiCOM P30, C264 and P40, as well as the SEPAM 60 and 80,” says Baijnath.

“This is the rejuvenation and platforming of our high-end legacy protection relay that brings five product ranges and more than 50 products to a single platform to support all applications.”

Designed for complex, demanding and advanced applications

He explains that the PowerLogic P7 is designed for more complex, demanding and advanced industrial applications to help maximise operational efficiency, power availability and electricity security.

“It provides an improved digital experience that helps to reduce complexity at various stages of the product lifecycle. Performance and flexibility have been increased to deliver a more modular, cyber secure and future-proof platform,” says Baijnath.

The PowerLogic P7 can be deployed to multiple applications and is specifically designed to protect critical installation in distribution networks, on the supply and demand side. On the supply side, the platform can be used by electricity companies, including utilities, HV/HV (high voltage) substations, HV/MV (medium voltage) substations and MV/MV switching.

On the demand side, it is suited to electro-intensive applications in industries such as petrochemicals, mining, minerals and metals and metallurgy, and can also be deployed in environments with electro-sensitive and critical infrastructure such as data centres and military bases.

Maximising user efficiency, security and network reliability

Baijnath notes that the PowerLogic P7 platform’s value proposition lies in its ability to maximise user efficiency, security and network reliability. By delivering a digital experience and operational efficiency, the PowerLogic P7 optimises investment through flexible hardware and firmware concepts with application packages, an intuitive digital experience for various engineering devices and enhanced lead time with pre-configured devices on stock and delivery tracking.

Furthermore, it can reduce operational expenditure through efficient engineering, operation and maintenance, as well as modular hardware that limits out-of-service time and spare part handling, among others.

“Another key aspect of this product is it that it was designed with reliability and sustainability in mind, based on Schneider Electric’s more than 100 years of experience in protection relays. PowerLogic P7 comes with a 10-year warranty,” says Baijnath.

“Importantly, the PowerLogic P7 can use wireless Internet of Things-based sensors that provide real-time information about temperature, environment and humidity that affect switchgear and transformers. This allows organisations to start adopting predictive maintenance practices as opposed to relying on routine scheduled maintenance for their equipment,” concludes Baijnath.