Self-Sustainability Solutions and Smart Technology Will Help South Africa Overcome Its Water Crisis – Versofy

Technology company, Versofy, best known for its solar solutions and services, says that preparing for South Africa’s water crisis should become a significant priority. The company, which is fast becoming a necessity-driven entrepreneurial brand, believes that further use of smart technology will also remain critical when addressing the pressing issues of water scarcity in South Africa.

Ross Mains-Sheard, Co-Founder and CEO of Versofy, says that South Africa’s water crisis is fast approaching scarcity status: “We believe that by promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability through our own smart technology solutions, we will help to address the increasing concerns regarding an imminent water shortage.”

The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) estimates that 2.2 billion people across the globe don’t have access to clean drinking water. This is of concern when considering that water is a basic need for health and hygiene. According to DBSA, South Africa’s physical water scarcity will become a reality in 2025, and it’s expected to have a water deficit of 17 percent by 2030. This could also potentially worsen due to climate change.

Mains-Sheard says that action needs to be taken now and that education is critical: “The Institute of Security Studies says that South Africans use more water than the global average. Our per capita daily usage is 234 litres whereas the global consumption average is 173 litres. It is vital that we learn how to conserve water and in that, become more sustainable.”

He says that Versofy will be launching its all-in-one water backup storage and filtration subscription soon: “This is a potential game-changer in water solutions and can assist in solving for necessity. It is also not just a subscription; it’s a commitment to water security. With little upfront costs, our system will offer efficiency, reliability, and a sleek design that seamlessly integrates into anybody’s lifestyle.”

Aside from droughts, South Africa is further plagued with aging treatment plants as well as underused ground water. There is also the imminent shutdown and maintenance of the Lesotho Highlands Water project in October this year.

While there are ways to address these concerns, they are all lengthy. South Africans need to become more self-sustainable now.

Versofy believes that its rental subscription-based model is the logical route to follow. As opposed to a consumption model, Versofy, together with its app and the use of smart technology, will greatly assist in educating and enabling people to use water wisely. This will reduce consumption, as opposed to current models, where usage is encouraged and charged accordingly.

“Investment in water and sanitation will ultimately ensure betterment for all South Africans. Climate change is a reality, as is the infrastructure and lack of accessibility to quality water. If we can help people become self-sustaining, storing, and using their own water, the overall impact can only be a positive one for the country and its people,” says Mains-Sheard.