Tarsus On Demand Appoints New Head of Operations

Uys brings a decade of experience in the technology industry to her role. For the past 8 years, she has been a key member of Tarsus On Demand and during her tenure, Uys has contributed to various teams, including sales, operations, and technical. Now, as the Head of Operations, she is driven to merge her passion with her professional role, aiming for operational excellence through technology. Her focus remains on enabling individuals to both demonstrate their inherent value and achieve their fullest potential “I have always felt that I am a people person and one of my biggest passions in life is to empower and help people grow,” she says.

Dedicated to enabling its partners to better understand and sell cloud services, Tarsus On Demand has placed renewed focus on assisting partners in its ecosystem to add value through new products and services where it matters most. “The main idea is to empower partners to offer their clients a turnkey solution from the initial installation of the products all the way down to client services and customer support,” notes Uys.

In addition, the Tarsus On Demand team has a dedicated team of professionals to help partners select the best cloud solution for their clients’ businesses. Collaboration is a huge part of Tarsus On Demand, so a range of tools are also on offer to cater for all business needs, especially those that use the Microsoft ecosystem. The company’s cloud solution comprises specific hosting needs, storage, security, AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. The adage that ‘data is the new oil’ is truer now than ever and for that reason Tarsus On Demand offers a full backup and security suite to meet all business needs.

Uys says Tarsus On Demand’s professional services give its partners’ clients the ability to jump-start their cloud businesses and draw on a full range of services ranging from strategy, architecture to migration and day-to-day management. She adds that one of her main goals is to find opportunities to streamline Tarsus On Demand’s processes, either by assigning new employees or upskilling current ones.

“When tackling our operations my mantra is to try to link them back to the ethic at Tarsus On Demand – customer service excellence. I also want to get employees to work together to resolve problems. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one – especially when it comes to problem-solving,” says Uys.

When Uys took over the Tarsus On Demand service desk earlier this year she realised that the real value of the service desk needed to be unlocked. “In our operations, we will focus on four pillars: processes, policies, projects, and institutional knowledge. Ensuring clarity in our processes and fostering collaboration, we remain committed to exceptional customer service by enhancing skills and reducing response times. Our team has discovered a renewed sense of purpose. Instead of seeing themselves as merely complaint receivers, they now view challenges as opportunities to shine. They play a pivotal role in ensuring our partners can thrive in their businesses. By assisting these small businesses, we’re directly making a positive impact on people’s lives, showcasing our commitment to helping them navigate their challenges.”

“My appointment as Head of Operations at Tarsus On Demand is an exciting opportunity to drive transformative change, leveraging our strengths and prioritising collaboration. Together, we’ll elevate our services, ensuring our partners and clients experience unmatched excellence every step of the way,” concludes Uys.