MoData Partners with DataVisor to Deliver Real-time AI-powered Fraud Detection

MoData, leading specialists in providing digital solutions for financial services, has partnered with technology pioneers DataVisor to deliver a comprehensive suite of AI-powered fraud management solutions to its customers across Africa.

This new partnership will give MoData clients access to DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud and risk management platform, which enhances and accelerates fraud detection, keeping companies and their customers safe.

There has been a significant spike in financial fraud with the increase in digitisation, and many legacy systems are not able to keep pace with the scale and scope of these fraudulent activities. DataVisor’s unique technology enables the detection of previously unknown fraud patterns, continuously self-adapts to the rapidly changing fraud landscape and does not need to be trained with historical data so it can be deployed quickly.

“Financial Crimes are becoming more sophisticated and coordinated with increasing anonymity in the digital world,” says Clive Gungudoo, MoData’s Director of Financial Crimes and Risk Management. “DataVisor is tackling this challenge head-on by already protecting more than 4.5 billion user accounts and is recognised by Gartner, IDC and Forbes as an AI and ML leader with a global footprint. With MoData offering the only affordable, real time, Software as a Service (SaaS) Marketplace for all financial crime and risk management operations, our partnership with DataVisor allows us to bring to market a global leading-edge solution that addresses a growing problem in the region.”

As a driver of innovation, MoData is constantly adjusting its product offerings and services to meet the needs of organisations in the ever-changing digital landscape. This partnership will both strengthen and enhance this agile approach to meeting – and anticipating – their customer needs.

“Increased digitalisation means increased online threats – and the hard truth is that the criminals are winning. With DataVisor’s next generation Financial Crimes and Risk Management SaaS platform, we can help our clients solve real-life fraud, cybercrime and money-laundering problems, which will protect them and their customers, reducing losses and improving customer satisfaction,” says Gungudoo.

DataVisor is recognised as an industry leader in fraud detection and has been deployed by many Fortune 500 companies across the world. With an open SAAS platform that supports consolidation and enrichment of any data, DataVisor’s solution scales infinitely. By leveraging AI and advanced machine learning techniques to connect the dots between fraud signals across various events and channels, DataVisor enables organisations to act on fast-evolving fraud and money laundering activities as they happen in real time, preventing financial losses with early action.

About MoData

For the past three decades, MoData has been offering innovative, intuitive, and intelligent digital business solutions for leading banks, financial services, and investment companies across Africa to assist them in addressing enterprise-wide fraud, cybercrime, and compliance requirements, including implementation, professional advisory services and support. The MoData team of specialists prides itself on its agility and entrepreneurial approach to finding smart solutions to clients’ needs, with an emphasis on cost optimisation, back-office transformation and customer satisfaction. Their diverse range of product offerings means they are able to provide businesses with everything they need to transform into an effective, digital organisation. For more information, please visit

About DataVisor

DataVisor is the leading fraud detection company powered by AI technology. The DataVisor approach combines applied machine learning capabilities with powerful investigative workflows and an intelligence network of more than four billion user accounts to provide real-time fraud signals, insights and protection to preserve vital trust and security.