Bodhi Healthcare Group Brings Cloud-Based Healthcare Solution to Chinese Hospital with IBM LinuxONE

Bodhi Healthcare Group turned to IBM to develop a new cloud-based healthcare platform built on the IBM LinuxONE to power a new cloud-based healthcare platform to support the new technology branch of Qingdao Municipal Hospital Group. By leveraging the security, scale and reliability of LinuxONE, the Bodhi Healthcare Cloud Platform offers an integrated, private cloud solution to promote information exchange within and between hospitals, aid in treatment decision-making and help drive seamless interactions between patients and their care providers.

Bodhi Healthcare Group, part of the BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings network, works to apply and manage advanced technology solutions to address pain points in the healthcare industry, helping drive decentralization and greater efficiency. With this dedicated cloud, Qingdao Municipal Healthcare Group can provide its users with an integrated information platform containing physician and patient data. The platform helps support the various steps of the healthcare process, including disease screening, cause analysis, diagnosis and treatment, care and rehabilitation and pharmacy and health management. To better engage and empower users, Bodhi Healthcare provides physicians with a tablet device that allows them to communicate with patients, remotely manage patients’ care and make treatment decisions.

The healthcare industry in China is shifting rapidly, as policies to support a more proactive model of care encourage the adoption of healthcare technology services like the new cloud platform for Qingdao Municipal Healthcare Group. While information silos persist, the launch of this solution could help create a more integrated approach to health information, enhanced therapy decision-making and improved patient experience.

“Medical reform in China will rely on a transformation in how data is used and shared, enabling the establishment of stronger doctor-patient decisions and relationships. We believe data is the future of the healthcare industry. With the current accelerated transformation of the healthcare industry, we want to utilize advanced technical capabilities to enable smarter healthcare, improve the overall capabilities of physicians with a professional cloud platform, enhance communication between physicians and their patients and promote the creation of a proactive healthcare system through the cloud and mobile technology model,” said Fu Gang, Founder of BAHEAL and Chairman of Bodhi Healthcare Group.

LinuxONE, introduced in August 2015, is the industry’s most powerful and secure Linux-only enterprise system. LinuxONE is enabled for a broad range of popular open source and ISV tools, as well as mobile technologies, and can help organizations like Qindgdao Municipal Healthcare Group manage a secure, dedicated cloud environment. In China, IBM will provide comprehensive training, testing and technical support for local customers, partners, universities and developers on the platform.

“There is a proliferation of medical data in health systems around the world. The healthcare providers that Bodhi Medical Group supports needed a solution that helped them integrate and draw insights from previously siloed data,” said Gary Shih, Vice President, Server Solution, Hardware Systems, IBM GCG. “This local cloud environment based on our leading infrastructure technology helps meet hospitals’ security needs while supporting them as they transform through technology.”

In addition to providing and managing the Bodhi Healthcare Cloud Platform, BAHEAL also works with public hospitals like Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital to help them become regional healthcare leaders.