Developing Digital Government: Service Delivery, Procurement And Priorities For Policymakers

Ian Adkins, Principal at Analysys Mason will be delivering the keynote at the Westminster eForum seminar ‘Developing digital government: service delivery , procurement and priorities for policymakers’ on 16 March 2017 in London, UK.

Delegates at this seminar will have the opportunity to consider the future of digital government service delivery in the UK at a time when Government Digital Service has received further funding and support to broaden its strategy at central and local levels.

It will be an opportunity to take stock and discuss progress, with the conference bringing together policymakers and government departments with key stakeholders from across the public and private sectors – including IT providers, technologists, lawyers, citizen groups and academics.

Delegates will discuss the further potential of digital transformation of key services, whilst examining key challenges such as the inclusion of those without access to digital services. The role of the private sector and collaboration between organisations will also be a key area for discussion, as will competition and the improvement of procurement processes.

Further discussion will look at the potential for local services following an expansion of GDS’s remit and the Government’s devolution commitments, potential for SMEs – and key regulatory and legal challenges, focusing particularly on strengthening cyber security and information assurance. The potential of data in improving services will also be an area for discussion with the potential for further collaboration across Government being proposed in the Digital Economy Bill and how best to balance these opportunities amidst the ongoing debate surrounding data protection and privacy in light of new EU General Data Protection Regulation.

In light of the result of the EU referendum delegates will also discuss the implications, both positive and negative, of Brexit, as well as how the UK compares internationally as the Government appoints their first National Technology Advisor and brings forward measures to boost the UK’s digital economy and provide world class public services for citizens via a new Digital Economy Bill.