1Stream’s Zendesk Telephone Integration Boosts Customer Service

When you choose 1Stream’s Zendesk contact centre telephone integration, you’re putting customer service first. You get all the benefits of the award-winning Zendesk platform, combined with 1Stream’s innovative solutions, ensuring your contact centre team can deliver world-class customer support thereby giving your business an edge over your competitors.

With 1Stream’s Zendesk contact centre integration, you can streamline your customer support with your users working from a single Zendesk interface that they are familiar with to handle all voice, email and chat interactions. It’s responsive, customer centric, streamlined and efficient, and our telephony system’s integration into the platform helps to improve service delivery, increases productivity and reduces costs. 

When your organisation signs up for 1Stream’s Zendesk contact centre integration, your users and management teams will be able to take advantage of these four unique features:

  1. Single interface

Working from a single application, it improves productivity, streamlines training and helps to save costs on technical support. With 1Stream’s Zendesk contact centre integration solution, users can harness all the functionality needed to provide comprehensive support quickly and easily. It has embedded call control, so users work from Zendesk with built-in telephone features.

2. Click-to-dial functionality 

1Stream’s Click-to-dial function means users can simply click on any telephone number to make an outgoing call to a customer, removing the need for slow, error-prone manual dialing. With Click-to-dial, you can ensure that the user makes the call to the correct number first time, improving efficiency and ensuring accurate, timely service for customers. 

3. Automatic look-up for incoming calls

1Stream’s Zendesk contact centre integration means users have all the necessary information at their fingertips to deliver accurate and efficient solutions and services for customers. Telephone number look-up and screen-pop functionality will immediately identify the customers making contact, bringing up all the information related to them, and all previous communications across all channels (eg phone, email or chat). This 360-degree view of customers and their contact history empowers your users to deliver seamless service even if they have never engaged with the particular customer before. From the customers’ viewpoint it minimises frustration as they don’t need to repeat their problem or query and it assures them that their business matters to your organisation.

4. Automatic ticketing and info updates

Tickets are automatically created for all new incoming or outgoing calls providing a full record of interactions without users having to manually enter details. The tickets are automatically associated with existing customers, which is crucial for comprehensive reporting. All contact history is also automatically updated with the date, time, telephone number, the user who handled the call, and a link to the call recording. These automated features improve user productivity and ensure users can focus on the customer rather than workflow and tick-boxing administrative tasks.

To find out how your organisation can elevate customer service with 1Stream’s Zendesk integration, contact sales@1stream.co.za or visit www.1stream.co.za