AfterPay Available in Shopify Webshop Via PAY.

Shopify merchants can now meet the increased need of Dutch Shoppers, 48% indicate that they want to pay later after they have made a purchase online.

With the help of PAY. merchants can now easily add AfterPay, the ‘buy now, pay later’ market leader in The Netherlands and Belgium, to their Shopify webshop. Shopify is a SaaS solution and is known as one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Shopify allows webshop owners to set up an online store in the cloud in just a few steps.

PAY. CEO Marc Dumortier talks about the innovative collaboration between Shopify, AfterPay and PAY: “PAY. is the first payment service provider that offers AfterPay in a Shopify webshop. Through this collaboration, even more consumers can shop and pay in a way that suits them.

Simple integration, a lot of flexibility and increased conversion in the payment process

Payment provider PAY. makes it easy for merchants to start receiving AfterPay payments through a simple integration. The Shopify-AfterPay connection offers flexibility in your checkout; the payment method can be configured as an individual gateway or via PAY.’s hosted payment pages. Refunds and delayed captures can be processed from the back office. Transactions via AfterPay are only accepted when transactions pass the AfterPay risk check. Soon merchants will also be able to receive additional information from orders that have not been completed. This enables the merchant to send second chance e-mails for declined payments in order to increase conversion in the payment process.  

Paying later gives consumers a sense of security and confidence

AfterPay enables consumers to pay after they have made their purchases online. Consumers can first view, try and experience the products at home which gives an extra sense of security and trust. The demand for pay later payment methods is high: 48% of Dutch consumers have a need for pay later solutions and 36% use these payment methods, according to the research “What’s Happening Online 2020” by Ruijgrok NetPanel. And after iDEAL it is even the largest payment method in the Netherlands.

By offering AfterPay merchants can meet the shopping and payment needs of their customers. Consumers spend more while loyalty and retention are boosted.

AfterPay takes over the entire billing process – this means that there is no financial risk for the company, and the brand experience remains consistent throughout the entire Customer Journey. And as part of Arvato Financial Solutions, with more than four decades of international financial expertise, AfterPay is also an attractive partner for an easier entry into new, foreign markets.

The added value that AfterPay offers by enabling a pay later solution is an important reason for PAY. to have AfterPay built in the Shopify module. AfterPay is a major player in the world of payments. A company with a similar ambition which is increasing payment convenience for entrepreneurs and end consumers,” says Marc.

Shopify, AfterPay and PAY. lift the payment system to a higher level

Both PAY. and AfterPay are satisfied with the cooperation. PAY. is the first payment service provider that offers AfterPay in a Shopify Webshop. And through this collaboration, both companies can now be of even more added value for merchants and prospects.

The addition of Shopify is a big step in our partnership with PAY. Together we help merchants provide the ultimate Customer Experience to consumers where payments are an essential part. We continuously work together with PAY. to improve the product. The next phase is the joint expansion into the DACH region,” says Alexander Scheibel, Director of Product at AfterPay.

PAY. believes in the power of partnerships; in bundling different skills to create innovative payment options and solutions,” says Marc. “This allows us to lift payment traffic to an even higher level.