1Nebula’s new FinOps Service Offering is Built on Six-plus Years in PaaS Software Development

1Nebula launches FinOps services to help enterprises simplify cloud expense management.

Technology expense management and cloud financial operations (FinOps) specialist, 1Nebula, is introducing a portfolio of FinOps consulting and optimisation services to help organisations maximise their return on investment (ROI) from their cloud environments. These capabilities complement the 1Nebula OneView Cloud Expense Management (CEM) platform, which launched in 2020.

1Nebula’s FinOps service offering is built on the company’s six-plus years in cloud platform as a service (PaaS) software development – the most complex form of public cloud expense to manage and forecast – as well as its 25 years of experience in technology expense management. The FinOps offering is based on the ’10 keys’ methodology 1Nebula has developed through its experience across more than 50 app modernisation and cloud-native projects.

The OneView platform enables FinOps within an enterprise, giving it visibility across its multi-cloud estate, so that it can accurately track and forecast cloud spending. With advanced analytics, OneView helps organisations to stay informed, optimise the cloud environment and implement best practices aligned to the cloud providers’ Well Architected Frameworks.

Bradley Gierdien, Managing Director: Managed Services at 1Nebula: “The cloud is the IT operating model of the future, but many enterprises are struggling to realise the business benefits, cost-savings and return on investment they are hoping for. In embracing FinOps, they have the opportunity to bring financial accountability to the variable spending model of cloud-based IT – in turn enabling them to simplify operations and make smarter decisions about cloud spending.

“FinOps is a set of practices that help companies to adjust their performance metrics and cost optimisation strategies for the opex focused business model of the cloud. However, since most IT departments have traditionally worked in a capex model with on-premises infrastructure, they may lack the skills and frameworks to successfully adopt FinOps. We aim to close that gap with a cutting-edge FinOps service offering.”

The 10 keys methodology covers the fundamental elements that matter in the Well Architected Frameworks. These include:

  • Cost allocation and tagging;
  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • Data ingestion and processing;
  • Managing anomalies;
  • Forecasting;
  • Managing commitment-based discounts;
  • Resource optimisation;
  • Budget management;
  • Financial criteria for workload onboarding; and
  • Recharge and IT finance integration.

According to Gartner, 60% of infrastructure and operations leaders will encounter public cloud cost overruns that negatively impact their on-premises budgets through to 2024.When coupled with OneView, 1Nebula’s FinOps capabilities and knowledgeable FinOps experts will help any enterprise accelerate a successful cloud and digital transformation journey – while driving optimal efficiency and performance.

Gierdien says: “Getting a clear view of consumption-based spending across a hybrid cloud estate using PaaS and infrastructure as a service can be complex, especially when relying on manual processes. Many enterprises report wastage, bill shock and subpar ROI. When implemented correctly alongside a smarter, modern CEM solution, FinOps enables companies to get a grip on the unpredictability and dynamism of cloud pricing and billing models.”

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