1Stream | 5 Reasons Why Customer Experience Management Should be a Core Business Strategy

Putting customer experience front and centre of your business goals is guaranteed to reap rewards for both customers and staff and positively impact your bottom line. The most effective way to do this is to take a holistic approach to customer experience management (CEM) through the implementation of a streamlined omni-channel application platform that keeps all the information your team needs to deliver excellent service in one easy-to-access place.

“For the past 14 years, 1Stream has been giving our clients the tools they need to create meaningful connections with their customers,” says 1Stream co-founder Bruce von Maltitz. “From small start-ups to major corporations, our clients realise the value of delivering an excellent customer experience and know that 1Stream enables them to do this through our innovative, world-class pay-per-use 1CRM platform.”

The benefits of making CEM a key strategy as you map your organisation’s future are multi-layered and include:

  1. Increased customer satisfaction

With customers now being offered an ever-increasing choice of where they can spend or invest their money, delivering an exceptional customer experience matters more than ever. It shows your customers that you value them, and ultimately customers who are satisfied buy more and recommend your business to others – they become your most compelling marketers.

2. Knowing your customer – and their needs and wants – instantly!

Because 1Stream’s 1CRM means every interaction with your customer across all platforms – email, chat, phone calls, WhatsApp – is recorded in one place your team is able to instantly access and understand previous engagements with a customer, alleviating the need for the customer to reintroduce and explain themselves and their service requirements. This means your staff can instantly engage and connect with them in a meaningful manner, providing your customer with a sense of relief that not only does your team know who they are, but that they do not need to repeat conversations again and again.

3. Customer retention means cost-savings

There is compelling evidence that keeping customers is more cost-effective than replacing them. It is also far cheaper to service happy customers. When your business makes CEM a core strategy, customers immediately feel that you value them and their spend, creating a loyal bond that is difficult for your competitors to undermine. Word of mouth marketing is very powerful, and loyal customers are more inclined to recommend your services to others.

4. Empowered sales and service teams

When your teams – regardless of the department they are in – are able to see all previous points of contact with a customer, the issues they raised and sales activities in one place it helps them function and engage as a single force. This means your customer isn’t left feeling that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. It also ensures that one team isn’t letting down the other – your sales and service teams are both equally empowered to wow the customer and spot opportunities for cross- and upselling.

5. Saves precious time

Time is the most valuable commodity and putting efficient services in place means both your business and your customers will reap the benefits. 1Stream’s integrated platform connects your entire organisation – in addition to tracking inbound and outbound interactions it provides SLAs for tickets, tasks and proposals. This workflow routing functionality means multiple employees from different divisions can help resolve a customer issue without needing to meet or speak. It also provides dashboards for management to quickly and easily track workloads, check for tasks that violate SLAs, and find congestion points that need to be resolved, enabling maximum efficiency.

1Stream’s newly launched 1CRM platform can make these benefits a reality and help your organisation deliver and optimise excellent customer experience management as a core strategic goal. The immediate positive impact will be felt by both your customers and your service and sales teams, while the long-term benefits will be reflected in your bottom line and ongoing customer loyalty.

To find out how 1Stream can help you implement your organisation’s Customer Experience Management strategy by using our 1CRM platform, get in touch with our team: click here.