Airtel Money Launches ‘Airtel Money TUNAKUUNGANISHA NA DUNIA’ to Boost Financial Inclusion

  • Customers to receive Money from over 200 countries across

Airtel Tanzania through Airtel Money has launched a special Airtel Money Campaign dubbed “Tunakuunganisha na Dunia” in which will enable all Airtel customers to receive money from over 200 countries worldwide instantly to their Airtel Money wallet. This is aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the country as now an Airtel Money customer does not need to have a bank account in order to receive money from abroad.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam today while announcing the Airtel Money Tunakuunganisha na Dunia move, Airtel Money Director Isack Director said that the send and receive money to over 200 countries worldwide, a campaign dubbed Airtel Money Tunakuunganisha na Dunia, will allow Airtel Money customers to receive money instantly to their Airtel Money wallets from over 200 countries across. “One does not need to have a bank account. All you need is to have your registered Airtel sim card to receive money”, said Nchunda.

He said that Airtel Money Tunakuunganisha na Dunia is delighted to ensure that Tanzanians can have access to financial support from their family and friends abroad. This will allow us to give customers even more options of sending and receiving money as Airtel promise to continue to providing a convenient, safe and secure service,” Nchunda said.

Nchunda said that some of the countries which now Airtel Money customers to receive money includes United States, United Kingdom, Uganda, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Norway and all East African countries among others.

“Our mission is to continue working with the government in promoting financial inclusion in the country and reach the most unbanked population in the country. We understand that we have relatives leaving abroad who need to support their families back at home but sending money has a challenge due to many processes needed while receiving money abroad. Airtel Money has come up with this solution to solve the challenges as all what an Airtel Money customer needs is to have a registered Airtel sim card,’ said Nchunda.

‘Late last year Airtel collaborated with WorldRemit, the global payments company to enable Airtel Money customers to send and receive money directly into their Airtel Money wallets from abroad from over 50 countries worldwide. This is a continuation of making sure that our customers live up to date and adapt to the growing world technology in money transfer markets,’ he added.

‘Our vision as a company has always been aimed at providing unique and affordable services and products which fit in to the daily lives of customers which includes launching services and products which are unique, convenient and affordable to our customers. By launching send and receive money to over 200 countries will bring the divide between rural and urban communities,’ Nchunda said.

Airtel Money is one of the most growing mobile money operator with over 13 million registered users in the country and is currently connected to over 1000 companies including utility service providers and is also integrated with over 40 financial institutions. In addition, Airtel Tanzania is rapidly expanding across the country with more than 1200 Airtel Money branches providing all Airtel services and products at all times.