Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

Affordable, easy to deploy cloud backup as a service for SMEs

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct overcomes the cost and complexity of distributed environment backup and disaster recovery for SMEs, says Byron Horn-Botha, Lead: Arcserve Southern Africa Channel and Partnerships.

“It is a straightforward direct-to-cloud backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).  Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is a proven solution allowing MSPs to help customers protect distributed IT environments, remote office and branch office (ROBO) environments . “With no local hardware or management required, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct allows MSPs to offer increase profitability and expand into the backup and disaster recovery market with rapid time to value.”

Horn-Botha notes that highly distributed organisations and mid-sized enterprises with multiple remote offices face increased risk of cyber-attacks, data loss and unplanned downtime, while at the same time grappling with limited IT resources. “Modern businesses need simplified enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery, but until now, this has often proven complex and costly. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is designed to deliver direct-to-cloud capabilities with enterprise grade speed, reliability and compliance,” he says.

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct has been proven to complete 95.50% of backups in less than eight hours, with 100% recoverability rates and cloud failover in under five minutes without the need for on-site equipment. Arcserve’s cloud architecture also enables dynamic provisioning and near-infinite scalability, with high-speed data transfer to optimise large data sets, quickly backing up and recovering systems and applications—without disrupting on-premise operations. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is also exceptionally simple to use, thanks to its centralised, web-based management console and highly-intuitive user interface.

Assuring compliance, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct applies SSL encryption to data in-flight and AES encryption to data at rest, and Arcserve operates SOC 1 Type II-certified data centres in geographically dispersed areas, in addition to having a SOC 1 Type II on the entire Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct Service.