AURA partners with OUTsurance to bolster insurer’s emergency response services

AURA, South Africa’s on-demand armed and medical response platform, has partnered with OUTsurance to bolster the insurer’s emergency services. By using the powerful technology developed by AURA, OUTsurance’s policy holders can request immediate armed or medical response via the Help@OUT Panic Assistance feature on the OUTsurance app, wherever and whenever they may need it. All it takes is a tap.

AURA’s ground-breaking platform enables users to connect to a network of registered armed response and medical response units in real-time. Subscribers can easily request immediate mobile armed response assistance by tapping the Panic Assistance feature on the Outsurance app, the closest available unit is then guided directly to the app user via their smartphone’s location services.

Warren Myers, CEO of AURA, whose vision it is to create a more inclusive security landscape by deploying smart, affordable and disruptive technology, says it is encouraging to see how seriously major corporates such as OUTsurance are taking the safety and security of their clients. “The app illustrates the power of technology in preventing and combating crime and the role it plays in enabling South African businesses to offer innovative security products and services to customers. It has already saved lives and we hope to save many more.”

OUTsurance’s CEO Danie Matthee says that they are constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and add value to their clients’ lives. “Panic Assistance gives our clients true peace of mind wherever they go in the country, knowing that they will get the help they need in a safety incident or medical emergency as quickly as possible, and at no extra cost.”

AURA’s innovative platform, born out of the critical need for more efficiency within the South African security industry to combat crime, effectively connects people in distress with its wide network of responders, which, to date, includes 250 armed response service providers and 5 400-armed response officers. Perfectly exemplifying the sharing economy, the platform, with the help of the forward-thinking brands in its digital marketplace, is set to gain momentum and make medical and personal safety assistance accessible for all. “Safety and medical care are basic human needs, and they need to be completely democratised. Partnerships like this one with OUTsurance enables us to achieve this by getting the service out there to as many people as possible,” says Myers.