BCX in Collaboration with Cisco brings Robust SD-WAN Solution to Market

BCX, announced its newly launched Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) solution, enabled with leading network vendor Cisco. As one of the leading WAN providers in Southern Africa, BCX has created a fully scalable solution by combining technologies within their holistic suite of SD-WAN solutions.

Designed to increase business agility and assist companies to simplify their network and management services, the solutions from BCX boast Cisco’s secure, best-in-class SD-WAN technologies. “Traditional networking solutions such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) are no longer enough. Instead, businesses can now consider SD-WAN, which is a more advanced solution, designed to mitigate the disadvantages associated with traditional networking solutions,” says Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Telecommunication Solutions at BCX.

“As organisations evolve their Wide Area Networks and prepare for a cloud-ready application environment, a top priority is to provide the best application performance for employees, partners and customers. The new Cisco-enabled SD-WAN service offerings from BCX allow customers to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centres – over large geographic distances, and deliver application optimisation, plus security and segmentation and end-to-end policy enforcement.” Clayton Naidoo, General Manager Sub Saharan Africa.

BCX’s managed SD-WAN suite of solutions caters to all businesses and is designed to meet any requirement – from cost-effective small branch solutions to more complex, enterprise-grade ones.

Medium-sized businesses can increase their bandwidth efficiency to improve performance of critical applications using the Cisco’s SD-WAN solution, powered by Meraki. This cloud-managed offer provides simple, full-stack branch management ideal for companies wanting an integrated solution that is simple and easy to manage. It also helps enable a predictable application experience using multiple hybrid links with real-time steering and integrating robust best-in-class security.

The Cisco SD-WAN solution, powered by Viptela, is a more appropriate option for larger enterprises with sophisticated environments needing customisation and advanced routing, for secure isolation of enterprise assets using segmentation, or for optimising connectivity to multicloud or SaaS applications. It allows enterprises to securely connect any user to any location or cloud, across any platform, all with consistent application experience.

By placing these next-generation technologies at the core of their client organisations, BCX along with their partner ecosystems are empowering their clients to not only participate in digital transformation but ultimately to become the premier choice of digitally-led businesses.

Click here https://www.bcx.co.za/products/telco-converged-connectivity-2/bcx-sd-wan-suite/ to watch the video and find out more about this product.

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