Broadcom Unveils Industry-Leading Planning, Development and Operational Intelligence Solutions Powered by

CA Southern Africa has announced Broadcom’ s latest solutions aimed at accelerating decision making across multiple business and technology domains that support digital transformation initiatives. Collectively these ground-breaking solutions enable a new framework called BizOps that aligns technology outputs to business outcomes— an industry first.

In a recent survey of 200-plus IT and business leaders, 89 percent of respondents said BizOps could significantly improve decision making at their organisations by improving collaboration between IT and business teams according to a Broadcom sponsored report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services1. The survey also uncovered that IT teams tend to use metrics that do not translate to business outcomes, and they are not collaborating closely enough with business units in their organisations, leading to mounting frustration, significant costs, and lost opportunities.

“Facing today’s rapidly changing digital transformation requirements, our customers need to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency with which they generate feedback from real world operating models,” said Serge Lucio, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. “New intelligence capabilities in are revolutionising the way customers correlate vast amounts of data and generate actionable insights to speed informed decision making by providing the continuous feedback loop needed for digital business success in 2021 and beyond.”

“Many customers have already adopted DevOps and Agile. BizOps is an extension of these offerings including continuous measurement, continuous feedback and strategic business planning that empowers users to keep pace, with lightning speed, of today’s digital transformation,” said Stephen Elliot, program vice president, Management Software and DevOps, IDC Research. “When looking at their development cycle, leadership teams are trying to drive automation and integration across their processes, and they’re also looking for continuous feedback mechanisms. This will allow a site reliability engineer executive, or the DevOps team to have line of sight visibility into feedback being collected from customers, which is invaluable.”

“At Ford Motor Company, we are driving digital transformation by evolving from a project-driven workforce to a product-centric organisation that delivers a new level of agility and efficiency to maximise business value, said Serene He-Pang, executive, AgileDev, Ford Motor Company. “The ValueOps (Rally and Clarity Software) solution, from Broadcom, is helping us improve our operational process and efficiency to reduce waste and create continuous value for our customers.” powers new planning, development, and operational intelligence in Broadcom’s ValueOps, DevOps and AIOps solutions. This helps organisations to optimise flow of value, improve site reliability and release code with confidence.

ValueOps from Broadcom delivers new capabilities that enables companies to optimise flow of value by aligning planned investments to scheduled development work and track deliverables from planning through execution, enabling improved development cycle times, reduced bottlenecks, and faster time to value. New insights powered by enable stakeholders to understand how project timelines and budget are trending based on engineering work in-progress.

DevOps from Broadcom offers new capabilities that empower agile teams to track development progress and deploy releases confidently with assurance of feature completeness, high-quality, and reduced risk. Key stakeholders have a single view of key insights into release progress, health, quality, and defect trends; metrics that drive focus, gauge readiness, and help to ensure successful, quality releases.

AIOps from Broadcom includes new site reliability analytics and automation capabilities that provides insights into release deployment events and associated build metrics within the context of overall health and KPIs of business services, ensuring that delivering value to customers faster does not come at the expense of production operational stability. By enhancing AIOps monitoring and correlation with intelligent recommendations and auto-remediation capabilities, companies create more resilient production environments, streamlining their site reliability engineering initiatives.

Broadcom BizOps Virtual Summit

In conjunction with this announcement, Broadcom unveiled the results of a Broadcom sponsored report “BizOps: Connecting IT to Business Outcomes” conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. For a full copy of the report and to learn more about how the world’s leading companies are driving business outcomes, join Broadcom for a livestreamed BizOps Virtual Summit on June 24, 2020 at 8AM. Learn more about how BizOps can help connect IT outputs to business outcomes visit