Cellulant Recognised Among Organisations Committed to Data Protection in Nigeria

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has recognised Cellulant (Cellulant.com) Nigeria among the 2020-2021 NDPR Audit Compliant Organisations. NITDA was created in April 2001 to implement the Nigerian Information Technology Policy and coordinate general IT development. The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR), issued in January 2019 under Section 6 (a,c) of the NITDA Act 2007, is the current national law on data protection in Nigeria. It applies to public and private sector processing of personal data within and outside Nigeria.

The recognition demonstrates Cellulant’s commitment to protecting its customers’ personal information and availing them of the opportunity to exercise their rights as data subjects. This commitment extends to Cellulant’s continued efforts to enhance data protection controls to mitigate known and emerging data risks.

Speaking on the recognition, Cellulant’s Chief Business Officer, Sike Bamisebi, stated, “We are extremely proud of this milestone. This further affirms our commitment to protecting our customers’ personal information by ensuring their data is used lawfully, represented accurately, stored securely and availing them the opportunity to exercise their rights as data subjects. We will continue to enhance our data protection controls to mitigate known and emerging data risks and ensure our data processing activities comply with relevant data protection regulations.”

DataPro Limited conducted Cellulant Nigeria Data Protection Compliance Audit. DataPro is a licensed Data Protection Compliance Organisation (DPCO) in Nigeria which is also the first Independent Compliance Consulting Company in Nigeria. DataPro has extensive experience in providing Compliance Solutions to organisations globally.

“Conducting a Data Protection Compliance Audit is imperative to enable an organisation to identify deficiencies and gaps relating to its policies, operations and technical security measures. Therefore, Cellulant Nigeria’s listing showcases its commitment to complying with the Audit requirement of the NDPR as well as upholding the privacy of its data subjects.” Jesutomiwa Ademiloye, DataPro’s Compliance Programs and Projects Team Lead.