Hertz México Will Improve its Operations and Customer Experience with Telefónica IoT Solutions

Hertz Mexico and Telefónica México have signed a multi-year agreement to roll-out a telematics solution in the whole fleet that will enable Hertz Mexico to improve their internal processes and customer service. With the largest car rental fleet in Mexico and 120 offices, Hertz Mexico is a leading company in the rent a car space in the country.

Telefónica is providing Hertz Mexico with a leading end-to-end smart mobility solution in the connected car arena, in partnership with Geotab, leader in the engineering telematics field. The ability to provide engine data has been key in Hertz’s decision to close this agreement, since it will allow the company to be more efficient in the drop-off process after every rental, closing contracts faster.

Hertz will receive key data along the rent-a-car business cycle, also during the maintenance process of the fleet. Additionally, this data will support the decision-making process bringing cost savings and improving customer experience.

The solution provided will be connected through the Telefónica Smart m2m platform that will provide Hertz with advanced management tools regarding connectivity services.

The rent-a-car industry is one of the most intensive in number of vehicles – only in US there are more than 2 million vehicles dedicated to rental -. The industry is changing due to the implementation of telematics. The trend started a few years ago in the US and is now expanding to Europe and Latin America where big players are deploying or at least analyzing telematics as a driving force to increase efficiency and productivity.

Moisés Behar, CEO Hertz México: “Hertz-AVASA is always at the forefront of the customer experience, we believe that this telematics solution represents a big jump in our business that will enable us to deliver an excellent service with the most efficient operations”.

Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT Officer Telefónica: “This is a relevant case study for the industry in Latin America and an example of our expertise in how we can help our clients in their digital transformation through an IoT solution. This mobility solution will help Hertz Mexico provide an enhanced experience to its customers during their rental periods”.

Mariano Moral, VP B2B, Telefónica México: “Telefónica México is leading the IoT market with innovative solutions and services that help our customers improve their business. The world is changing at a gigantic pace in all the different sectors. This ´Digital Revolution´ is pushing us to go beyond, and we are transforming ourselves to offer products and services with the best quality to guarantee the best connectivity required today worldwide”.