ITA Invests to Grow Africa’s Connectivity Capabilities with New IXP

Internet Technologies Angola, S.A (ITA), part of the Paratus Africa Group, in partnership with AAPSI (Angola Association of Internet Service Providers) have invested in its network infrastructure by establishing a new interconnection node in Angola hosted in the ITA Data Center, known as the Angola IXP (Internet Exchange Point).

The Angola IXP is a redistribution point that allows the interconnection and exchange of data between different network operators providing digital content and services. It is the perfect solution for local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and businesses who want to offer their customers reliable, fast and affordable network connectivity services through a single interconnection point.

The IXP is hosted in the modern and secure ITA Data Center, an additional multimillion-dollar investment by ITA. The IXP contains network switches that route local internet traffic between different network operators and eases congested internet pathways. Since traffic is routed through a centralised point instead of expensive international links, it significantly reduces costs of transit connections and enhances network performance.

These efficiencies work collaboratively to ensure faster speed and reduced latency for businesses peering at the IXP.

“The ability to improve interconnection between local telecommunications operators is crucial to the technical and economic growth of Angola as well as the entire Internet community”, says engineer Silvio Almada, president of AAPSI. The Angola IXP is thus vital to the development of a digital transformation strategy among local internet service providers as it attracts a range of local and international operators.

General Manager of ITA, Francisco Pinto Leite explained that by investing in national and international connectivity in the region, it further propels Angola to become a data HUB in Africa. This enables operators and ISPs in Angola to benefit from an expansive and resilient network of telecommunications services in Africa.

ITA remains steadfast in its vision of pushing the limits to ensure it continues to build and grow Africa’s connectivity capabilities.