RADWIN Launches JET AIR, a New Broadband Wireless Access Solution for the Residential Market with Unique Bi-directional Beamforming

RADWIN , the global broadband wireless leader, unveiled its new JET AIR PtMP series for the residential market. The JET AIR base station delivers 250 Mbps and is built on RADWIN’s field-proven bi-directional Beamforming technology which has been adopted by tier-1 carriers worldwide. JET AIR enables Service Providers to deliver bandwidth-demanding services such as TV streaming (e.g. Netflix), gaming and online applications for residential consumers. RADWIN’s new JET AIR will be available for shipment on January 2017.

The JET AIR series is a new addition to RADWIN’s 5 GHz portfolio that also includes JET PRO 750 Mbps Beamforming base station designed for Service Providers serving both residential and business customers with a commitment to SLAs. RADWIN’s unique bi-directional Beamforming provides the benefit of uplink interference immunity and also delivers longer range and higher downlink sector capacity as well as greater spectrum efficiency.

As part of the new offering, RADWIN is releasing two new Subscriber Units (SUs) that provide up to 100Mbps: SU AIR for residential users and SU PRO for hybrid enterprise and residential segments. The new IP67 Subscriber Units support up to 256 QAM and are powered by the WINTouch™ application tool that automates installation and alignment to significantly shorten the installation process. A TurboGain Slide-on Antenna that doubles the service range is available with the new Subscriber Units.

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN’s EVP Global Business & COO: “RADWIN is a dominant player in the telco market and our radios have been deployed globally by leading carriers. With the latest release of JET AIR and the new SU AIR, we are bringing our carrier-class solution with bi-directional Beamforming to the residential market. The new JET AIR radios address the needs of Service Providers looking to deliver higher broadband services to households. Service providers are excited to adopt the new JET AIR platform and benefit from RADWIN’s renowned quality in the residential market.”