Swedish Fuel Company Preem Selects CGI for ERP and Card Management Services as Part of IT Modernization Project

CGI has entered into a five-year contract with Preem, the largest fuel company in Sweden, to maintain a mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and also deliver a new card management solution as part of Preem’s overall effort to modernize its IT environment. The partnership will lead to operational performance enhancements and greater business development opportunities through, for example, the launch of new loyalty and bonus programs.

CGI’s own proprietary software WM-card will be implemented to provide Preem with a comprehensive card management system. WM-card provides all of the functionality required for real-time card management at the store level, card issuance to both private individuals and businesses, and marketing campaign management. It also supports all card payment types. The new card management system delivered by CGI will enable Preem to develop and launch new marketing, loyalty and bonus programs to help drive sales and growth.

Preem is undergoing one of its most extensive IT modernization projects to date and, as part of this effort, chose CGI to manage a new ERP business system, Infor M3, designed to centralize, streamline and improve Preem’s ERP functions.

“We are very pleased to be embarking upon this strategic partnership with CGI,” said Catarina Lotse, head of Preem’s modernization program. “This will give us the opportunity to achieve set targets with respect to the development of our operating service infrastructure, as well as benefit from flexible solutions to develop our card business and address future challenges. Through CGI’s work, we are expecting to experience increased quality and sales through the implementation of standardized and dedicated services.”

“Many clients, regardless of industry, are currently facing the challenge of modernizing their IT environments,” said Pär Fors, Senior Vice-President and Business Unit Leader for CGI’s Swedish operations. “We have a number of current projects in which we are guiding our clients through similar digitalization efforts, with the aim of helping them to streamline activities and create new business opportunities. We are looking forward to serving as a strong, innovative partner for Preem.”