Alcatel-Lucent’s Remote Device Management Technology Enables Telekom Srbija to Transform Customer Service Experience

 Alcatel-Lucent is to improve Telekom Srbija’s mobile customer experience with the deployment of its mobile device management technology.Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Device Management Platform will provide Telekom Srbija, the region’s leading mobile service provider, operating in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, with a more flexible environment to reduce the complexities of activating, supporting and managing a wide range of mobile devices and services. This will allow Telekom Srbija to furthermore improve their performance in this segment.For this project Alcatel-Lucent is collaborating with TERI Engineering which will provide front-line project management and maintenance support.

Key Facts:
  • Telekom Srbija is deploying Motive Automatic Device Detection (ADD) and Device Management (MSM) from the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform to enable remote management of mobile phones and mobile devices in M2M verticals.
  • A result of Alcatel-Lucent’s acquisition of Mformation, the MDM platform currently manages 800 million devices across home, mobile and enterprise networks worldwide.
  • MDM enables mobile service providers to remotely provision, configure, update, manage and troubleshoot a wide variety of mobile devices, reducing the number of calls to the helpdesk by as much as 75 percent.
  • Motive’s top 10 customers have saved more than $1 billion dollars in operating expenses and total cost of ownership savings over the past 10 years.


Filip Bankovic, CTO at Telekom Srbija, said: “At Telekom Srbija, we always aspire to improve the lives of our customers by introducing advanced technologies and services that address their constantly evolving needs for communication, information and entertainment. The new Mobile Device Management platform will substitute the existing platform, thus providing us with more advanced, proactive and innovative features, and handling a vast array of mobile devices, services and applications throughout the device’s lifecycle. It is also easily upgradeable for the potential deployment of device management for M2M.”Emil Visloguzov, General Manager at Alcatel-Lucent Serbia, said: “Mobile is complex while customers expect simplicity. They expect their mobile phones and services to be up and running in the blink of an eye. Customer care is an important touch point to secure customer loyalty and differentiate an operator from its competition. We reduce complexity to make Telekom Srbija’s mobile services more seamless for their subscribers and to enable their operators to resolve customer issues in less time.