Telkom Clients to Receive Wireless Service

Telkom is upgrading two of its fixed-line prepaid voice services, Waya-Waya and PrepaidFone, from copper to a wireless fixed-line-look-alike (FLLA) service.

Telkom’s mobile prepaid customers will not be affected by the move.

“Fixed-line prepaid is a voice-only service provided over copper lines, which are vulnerable to disruption due to lightning, rain and cable theft. Consequently, Telkom is revamping prepaid products to take advantage of new technology, and the current format will no longer be supported,” the company said in a statement.

Customers affected by the change will retain their numbers and prepaid wallet balances, and will receive an FLLA device to use at no additional charge.

“We’re giving customers a more reliable product with the same functionality they’ve enjoyed in the past and the freedom to control their spending upfront. At the same time, we’re looking at additional entry-level prepaid products that work on wireless infrastructure,” says Attila Vitai, MD of Telkom Retail.