Alnet Technologies Highlights the Role of ERP in Covid-19 Times with Tips on Choosing the Right Partner

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialists, Alnet Technologies, reports that Enterprise Resource Management and ERP systems are proving to be invaluable in today’s remote-working world.

“Businesses are still scrambling to come to terms with the need for remote-working and ensuring that on-site staff are kept to a bare minimum.  This is where ERP comes into its own,” says Netesh Maharajh, Director, Alnet Technologies.

He explains that one of the great aspects of ERP is that all information relating to a business sits in one place – regardless of what the content of the data is, or what aspect of the business to which it relates.

“The fact that ERP requires employees to work in, and update, a central system provides a powerful performance management tool for business leaders. Dashboards and task workflows built into ERP systems can also help companies to manage remote reporting and task assignment.

“Probably the real question today is not should companies be deploying an ERP system but rather why are they not doing so when there is a business application at their fingertips designed to enhance efficiencies and lead to growth – even in these tough times.

“Moreover, the selected enterprise software must be capable of meeting the organisation’s operational needs; goals – scalability and growth plans, but the ERP service provider must also have a track record of attaining optimal profitability and growth for its customers. This is where the Sage 200 Evolution ERP rivals any solution available on the market.”

He adds the next big issue is choosing the right ERP partner. “The right partner will guide a business in the selection on which service provider, plus ERP software solution, is the correct fit for the needs of the organisation.”

Maharajh provides five tips for businesses in the process of selecting a partner to implement an ERP system:

  1. Ensure the partner is capable of being an extension of your business and not just another service provider.
  2. Ascertain if they can add value to your business performance by developing solutions; enhancing processes and enabling technologies that deliver global service levels.
  3. Ensure they are capable of operating across a range of mission critical arenas within your company.
  4. Look at their experience and track record.
  5. Examine their capabilities in the fields of analytics, planning, implementation, training, reporting, customisation, and project management.

“ERP software performance and functionality affect every aspect of business operations including productivity, customers, and sales. An efficient ERP system can save companies’ millions by streamlining productivity, inventory, supply chain logistics, and customer support.  However, without appropriate planning and comprehensive reviews, this cutting-edge enterprise software can become a nightmare if working with the wrong partner.”

Maharajh notes that Alnet Technologies delivers structured project management solutions that focus on information technology management. “Through our business consulting and projects, we assist clients to translate opportunities into profit through analysing, designing and implementing strategies and providing recommendations on perfect fit-for-purpose solutions.