BT Boosts Connectivity for UK SME Customers

BT has automatically upgraded 46,000 UK business fibre broadband customers to speeds of up to 76Mbps completely free of charge, doubling their speed without the need for them to lift a finger.

BT has now adopted speeds of up to 76Mbps as the new entry level for its business fibre broadband service so that all qualifying BT Business Infinity customers on up to 38Mbps have had their speed upgraded to 76Mbps. BT customers now receive some of the fastest fibre business broadband speeds generally available in the UK as standard. BT began to uplift its existing customers to the faster speeds in September.

With SMEs increasingly reliant on technology that requires fast, stable and secure connectivity, reliable high-speed broadband has become essential for businesses of all sizes. According to new research from Populus, 64 per cent of UK SMEs predict they will need faster broadband speeds from their current provider in the coming years.

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of UK SMEs say they could not operate for more than 24 hours without the internet – for things like emails, payments and connectivity to data stored in the cloud. Speed was the most frequently mentioned concern by SMEs about broadband.

Mike Tomlinson, MD UK SME at BT, said: “We’re helping UK SMEs work smarter and faster in the office – and on the move – as they increasingly embrace cloud-based services. By making 76Mbps our new standard business fibre broadband speed we are ensuring brilliant connectivity at a speed that will enable them to grow and thrive. Add to this our superfast 4G mobile network and our customers really are better connected than ever before.”

Since 1 October, the superfast connection of up to 76Mbps has been adopted by BT as the new base level standard for BT Business Infinity broadband customers, meaning new customers will also benefit from this faster speed. Furthermore, BT is offering BT Business Infinity broadband to new customers for a reduced monthly cost (from £14 a month, plus line rental) if they sign up before 28 November.

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