BT Lauches New Family SIM Mobile Deal Offering Up to £372 Per Year Saving

BT Mobile has launched its new Family SIM service for mobiles and tablets, offering families up to five SIMs on one contract, each with generous individual allowances and with extra value discounts that increase with the number of SIMs, saving families up to £372 per year.

The new SIM deal is designed to help families take advantage of their buying power – so the more people they add to the package, the bigger their savings. New research commissioned by the company shows that saving money is at the top of the average family’s agenda with 91 per cent more focussed on saving now than they did previously.

BT says no other UK mobile provider offers an equivalent to Family SIM which focuses on providing each SIM with individual allowances with increasing discounts plus the full flexibility to add and remove SIMs with ease. Furthermore, like BT Mobile’s other products, BT Broadband customers still receive a further discount of £5 a month.

A family of five, for example, with BT Broadband could buy five 2GB Family SIMs for £36 a month (equivalent to £7.20 per SIM) saving £168 a year compared to BT’s standard 2GB SIM only plans. For big data users, BT offers a 15GB Family SIM option where families can save up to £372 a year compared with standard 15GB SIM only prices. Customers can also add Family SIMs to a handset plan.

Spending can be easily controlled with the Family SIM, which lets families incorporate all their mobile bills into one simple payment plan. Each household can get up to five SIMs for their mobile and tablet devices as part of the new offer, each with their own individual allowances, meaning there is no need to worry about sharing data with other members of the family.

John Petter, CEO, BT Consumer, said: “We believe our new Family SIM deal offers a simple way for households to purchase mobile services and is the best value deal on the market today. UK families will be able to make substantial savings on mobile bills, freeing up much needed household budget.”

The first SIM purchased on the Family SIM deal is on a 12-month contract, then flexible 30-day SIMs can be added whenever the customer wants. SIMs can also be used in tablets, so the Family SIM will work for couples and families who have phones and tablets.

The bill payer can also set different levels of authority and spending caps for each individual family member.

Monthly cost of the BT Family SIM compared to BT Mobile SIM only – BT Broadband customers
Number of SIMs Total cost for 2GB data SIM (£) Saving per year (£) Total cost for 15Gb data SIM (£) Saving per year (£)
1 10 20
2 18 24 35 60
3 25 60 48 144
4 31 108 59 252
5 36 168 69 372

Family SIM customers without BT Broadband will pay £5 more on the total cost per month.

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