Business Connexion Zambia Becomes First in-Country Oracle Platinum Partner

Organisations across the globe are focusing their energies on digital transformation in order to stay relevant in ever-changing market conditions. The Zambian market is no different and, if organisations want to survive disruption and adapt to the needs of a changing client base, they will have to invest in technology that will improve their agility and flexibility.

“We are already seeing a growth in demand for engineered systems, business intelligence, database and data warehousing and, of course, cloud solutions among our customers,” says Damiano Tembo, country manager of Business Connexion Zambia. “Our clients are looking to adapt their business models to meet market demands and require solutions that will enable them to do so.”

As the only Oracle Platinum Partner in the country, Business Connexion Zambia has invested heavily in ensuring they have the right Oracle skills in-country to meet growing market demands. “Clients no longer need to look outside of the country’s borders to find a specialised Oracle partner to help their business succeed,” says Tembo. “As part of the certification process, Oracle looks for specialised partners that meet their stringent competency and business requirements to ensure they have an in-depth product and industry knowledge and are able to successfully deploy their solutions on the ground.”

With organisations increasingly looking to migrate to cloud computing, this certification enables Business Connexion Zambia to supply, implement and maintain Oracle Exadata and SPARC T-Series Server solutions in-country. “Oracle Exadata is the most reliable infrastructure for running Oracle Database, regardless of whether it is in the cloud, on premise or both,” he says. “The Oracle SPARC T-Series servers secure and accelerate clients’ cloud infrastructure and provides full speed encryption, detection and prevention of attacks on critical data, securing the clients’ most valuable asset.”

Business Connexion Zambia has also qualified to sell software-as-a-service (SaaS) on behalf of Oracle. “The economy is tight and organisations are looking for ways to drive down their technology costs without compromising on quality,” says Tembo. “As a SaaS reseller, we are able to provide our clients with world-class solutions on a consumption base, making far more cost-effective for them.”

As part of the Business Connexion Group, Business Connexion Zambia will soon start providing Field Delivery Support in-country but already has access to in-depth skills across the entire Oracle stack. As a strategic Oracle partner, Business Connexion continues invest significantly to ensure it has the skills, certifications and capability to deliver across the entire Oracle stack of hardware, software and industry solutions.

Executing Oracle’s vision of one-stop-shopping for the entire IT infrastructure, Business Connexion’s delivery model includes on-premise, as-a-service, managed services out of the organisation’s data centres, or integrated into the public cloud. “We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand these capabilities throughout Africa and this certification is certainly a step in the right direction,” he concludes.